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2000 rivières pourpres, Les 1 Review

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rivières pourpres, Les (2000)
howsithanginNC was written on August 19, 2010

Nude on Coroner's Table--frontal and rear

The attractive blond actor/stuntman Laurent Avare plays a murdered college librarian in a movie set in a remote mountainous small town. About 10-15 minutes into the film, his body is shown lying in the fetal position, nude, on the coroner's table. The camera first shows his pleasant, smooth trim butt, then shifts to an overhead view about 5 feet above him. The camera is centered on his crotch and slowly zooms in. Because he's lying on his side, it's initially difficult to see, but as the camera zooms in, you clearly see his uncut, flaccid penis and balls, with an ample bush of pubic hair. He has a proportional-sized dick and balls, on the slender side.

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