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1987 Hot Child in the City 2 Reviews

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As Leah Ayres, she played Valerie Bryson in The Edge of Night.

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Hot Child in the City (1987)
rovingeye was written on November 19, 1999

Not Much Nudity, But Hot!

Leah is in various stages of undress throughout this movie...bikinis, panties, towels...you name it. The only nude scene occurs when she is holding a guy in a shower. You can see her breasts VERY briefly. But her scanitly clad bod in many scenes more than makes up for the quickness of this scene.

cecil was written on December 31, 2005


At about 73 minutes she's in the shower making out with Will Bledsoe. A few times she moves her arms enough to let us see her right breast, but the other reviewer's right - it's VERY brief.

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