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year title
1998 Tainted Love 1 Review
1996 Irresistible Impulse 0 Reviews
1996 Club VR 1 Review
1994 Improper Conduct 1 Review
1993 Tropical Heat 2 Reviews
1993 Sins of the Night 1 Review
1992 Other Woman, The 3 Reviews
1991 Mirror Images 1 Review

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Tainted Love (1998)
BM was written on November 11, 2000

Several good scenes

Lee plays a tomboy cop who is transformed to go undercover as a model.
We first see Lee's breasts briefly alone in the bathtub. Next, we see her in the
healthclub spa talking to another naked beauty. Soon after is a nice ass shot as
she climbs into a sauna. About 50min. into the film is the best Lee nude sequence
where she is with her boyfriend/suspect on his boat. About 15 minutes later she is
topless again laying on her back in his limo as he takes her again. There are also
a number of sexy bra and panties scenes throughout the film.

Irresistible Impulse (1996)
Club VR (1996)
mister_t was written on October 12, 2008

Sex in the spa

The scene starts in the pool: Lee Anne gets out of it to get rid of her bikini and her pants. You can clearly see her nice breasts and her pubic hair. Then she walks over to the spa where she has sex with the guy she met in the pool :-) Lots of views of Lee Anne from almost every angle... She's very very hot. The whole scene is watched by a fully clothed Kate Rodger... It's VR...

Improper Conduct (1994)
cecil was written on June 4, 2005

shower and sex scene

At about 14 minutes we watch through a clear shower curtain as she showers, and see a pretty clear full frontal. At about 63 minutes she's at the copy machine when John Laughlin comes up behind her and lowers her top. Some brief close up of breasts as he reaches around and caresses them. Then at 69 minutes she seduces him in a motel room, showing breasts and also bare rear as she sits on top of him. At 76 minutes she has a sex scene with Steven Bauer. She sits on a couch as he undresses her, finally removing her top exposing her breasts.

Tropical Heat (1993)
BM was written on June 11, 2001

Lee Anne shows it all

Early on in this film, Lee Anne goes to meet the insurance detective and decides to swim naked with him in the pool. She strips down all of the way showing breasts and bush. She then gets into the pool and swims with Rick Rossovich for several minutes during which there are breast and bush shots above water and under water. She has her breasts fondled from behind at the ladder from the pool. Even when the swimming is over and they talk business, her breasts are proudly on display. The whole sequence lasts several minutes.

soulman was written on June 4, 2002


Beaman has just one scene, a poolside scene during the early part of the film with Rossovich with an excellent shot of her body during the entire scene.

Sins of the Night (1993)
Immy was written on May 9, 2006

Topless (0:46)

Lee Anne plays Nick Cassavetes's secretary. By the time they get back to her place she's had a few and drunkedly comes on to him. She takes off her bra displaying her nice B-cups and tries to get him into bed but he rebuffs her. She gets pissed and tells him to leave.

Other Woman, The (1992)
[email protected] was written on January 31, 1999

Alot Of Nudity

She is naked alot of the movie. There is a couple of shower scenes and a great lesbian scene between Beaman and another actress.

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 4, 1999

The Citizen Kane of Straight-to-Video

Beaman has a nice full frontal scene stripping and then entering a shower, as well as a later nude sex scene with some dude in a (different) shower. However, the great scene in this is her lesbian sex tour de force with Penthouse Pet Jenna Persaud. The cinematography in the unrated version (get it-NOT the R cut) is worthy of, hell the Coen brothers or Buster Keaton for that matter. The camera swoops between the women's (fully nude, of course) bodies as they come together with wholly unexpected passion (especially considering the genre; straight-to-video films, like their big-budget distant cousins, always promise way more than they deliver). This single scene is more powerful than any by the celebrated Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct isn't half this erotic).

Know-it-all was written on February 3, 2001

An early 90's classic

Heed the man's warning about getting the unrated version. Lee Ann, who is offbeat looking, but has a subtle sexiness, not the least of which is her soft voice, is the kind of woman who really grows on you as a film progresses. The early doffing of her sleeping gear to get into the shower and cry is a taste of things to come. The real killers are the two other scenes: the long, amazingly drawn out and lovingly photographed (sweaty skin for miles in all directions) lesbian scene w/ Jenna Persaud, and the next scene. Lee Ann wakes up, alone in bed. She gets up, haphazardly putting on a teddy (some nice looks at her breasts while she does it), and wanders around the apartment. She eventually makes her way to the spacious shower (I mean pro football stadium spacious), and drops said teddy to shower. After choosing one of several shower heads to work with, we get some wonderful, leisurely "getting myself wet and soapy without a care in the world" action before a nude guy surprises her. She shocked at first, but after he explains that he's her present, she flashes him a wicked grin. Luckily, she's been freshly liberated. They then procede to demonstrate several techniques: she goes down on him, he does her from behind (while he caresses her belly and keeps going down to rub at her blondish bush.) Search in vain for that shot in the R-rated version, buddy. This is an exploitation film classic. If you haven't seen it, do so.

Mirror Images (1991)
Immy was written on June 19, 2005

Topless (1:11)

Lee Anne says barely a word in her only scene but her body speaks volumes. She walks into a meeting room where Jeff Conaway and Richard Arbolino are talking. Turns out she's Richard's hot new secretary -- with benefits. She strips out of her business suit and hovers topless around Richard while Jeff drools. Medium sized boobs with nice tanlines.

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