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1969 Hard Contract 1 Review
1968 No Way to Treat a Lady 1 Review

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Hard Contract (1969)
Xeyes was written on June 24, 2007


She take off your dress

No Way to Treat a Lady (1968)
12-string was written on March 27, 2001


This is not really a nude scene, but the closest I'm aware of that the beautiful and talented Remick ever got to one. About 10 mins into this picture her character is rousted out of bed to talk to cop George Segal about a murder. She's in a backless nightgown (yellow, without checking the tape), with nothing underneath. She strolls around the room while chatting with Segal, and the front of the nightgown goes virtually transparent over her breasts from time to time, depending on where the light hits it. Her nipples also protrude more noticeably as the scene goes on. She's quite the peach in this picture, not only here but also just wearing groovy 60s duds, and if there is a better skin scene I hope someone will enter a review.

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