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year title
2004 Big Bounce, The 3 Reviews
1970 Buttercup Chain, The 1 Review
1969 Adventurers, The 1 Review

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Big Bounce, The (2004)
bushyboy was written on March 12, 2011

swimming pool

From the full \'backall\', when the scene switches to the front, there she is in full frontall - both boobs and bush, which is well trimmed, for several frames.

sky_blue_waters was written on May 16, 2005

1st scene well lit

She has 4 scenes in this film, all from a distance and 3 are somewhat dark. The first scene is in daylight, she walks up to a pool, drops her robe and jumps in. We're viewing this as if about 30 feet away. The camera moves a little closer as she is swimming around giving us some better looks than you'd think. The best view comes when she climbs the stairs out of the pool and lies on her stomach upon a lounge. Nice firm rear glistening in the sunlight. Some nice looks at a girl who had that Girl Next Door beauty of the 70s.

Striker was written on October 18, 1999

At least three scenes

Great views of her boobs and butt as she's swimming nude in a swimming pool. Later she and Ryan O'Neal wander into a cemetery of all places and she gets the kit off. Later still she runs naked into the sea, swims out to an anchored boat and jumps back into the sea again.

Buttercup Chain, The (1970)
taurus was written on May 7, 2010

Multiple scenes

Nip slip at :15, better topless scene in the tub at :44, and a lengthy topless dance in lower light at 1:22.

Adventurers, The (1969)
taurus was written on May 9, 2010

Disrobing in bedroom

Breast from the side with no nipple, then ass in a far shot at 1:03.

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