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1999 Talong 2 Reviews
1999 Burlesk King 3 Reviews

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Talong (1999)
o-i-c was written on October 24, 2002

walk on water

you can't really see he's genitals, but sure is a treat for those who have a clear pause with their vcr's

bmg was written on January 8, 2000

Frontal and rear

This film, also called The Eggplant, shows plenty of this handsome, buff Asian hunk. He floats face up in the water, showing his penis and balls. He walks around outside, showing his butt. One other scene has extreme close-ups of both butt and penis.

Burlesk King (1999)
race71 was written on October 16, 2001

striping scenes

all in all it was so so.

RJ2000 was written on October 17, 2002



roy10211982 was written on November 23, 2001

it need more revealation of the flesh

the film only show a part of the body it must be focused

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