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1989 Happy Together 1 Review
1987 Erotic Ghost Story 1 Review

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Happy Together (1989)
5th_element was written on July 17, 1999


This must be one of the most daring Asian movies of the decade. You can see Leslie's butt while he's on top ofTony Leung in the first few minutes. The rest of the movie is artistically done, but the opening is definitely captivating.

Erotic Ghost Story (1987)
Htr was written on January 10, 2000

The least of the three...

Leslie's nude scenes pale in comparison with her co-stars: the daring Hitomi and the even busty nude but not nudity of Amy Yip.She goes to the scholar's house begging him to have sex with her, and reveals her breasts, her having the smaller pair of the trio. There is no full frontal, only a bit of butt slightly obscured by her dress as she rides him fast to climax.On the plus side there is some shots of jiggling action, but her body is not as good as her counterparts.She also appears nude while bathing in a pool with her naked sisters, and also removes her clothes when demon Wutung persuades them while sitting at the table.One interesting note to this table scene: the actresses are seated and positioned according to nudity preference!

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