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Lexa Doig's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Tracker, The 2 Reviews
2001 Jason X 3 Reviews
2000 No Alibi 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Lexa Doig member submitted

Tracker, The (2001)
thedoc was written on October 24, 2001


she is having a quick sex scene with Casper Van Dien and you very briefly see some of her breasts through the bubble bath.

adailymovie2 was written on November 28, 2001

2 scenes

One at the very beginning when she is taking a bath before people storm into her home. While she gets up out of the bath, you briefly see her body, albiet covered slightly in suds. However, some editing was clearly involved to reduce nudity. Around the hour mark, Van Dien daydreams he is in the bathtub with Doig and you get to see a profile of her body from behind, as well as a quick nipple shot as she gets into the bathtub. Not her best nude scene, but beggers can't be choosers right?

Jason X (2001)
BushLeague was written on November 30, 2002

Before the Big Thaw

The VHS clearly shows she has a bra on. I don't remember her showing any tits in the theatrical release either.

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003



puckhead was written on May 1, 2002

recovering/defrosting on the table

from WAY too far away, may be a body double. (?)
she's flat one her back on a table recouperating,
and the camera shows her boobs. after the "healing", she sits up with chain mail covering her chest - there may have been flashes as her covering falls down - it was pretty fast.

No Alibi (2000)
duckem was written on February 2, 2001

love scene

She has a love scene about 15 minutes into the movie and you do get to see her breasts. However it's quite dark and the camera fades in and out so many times you don't get a good long look.

adailymovie2 was written on February 25, 2001

very good

contrary to the previous reviewer, the scene isn't all that dark. In fact, it is more than sufficiently lighted (they are making love; do you make love under a full spotlight?). She does it with Dean Cain in one of those obligatory, romantic sex scenes. There is a part where the camera circles them in slow motion and a spotlight of some kind is shone on them so you see her left breast perfectly (especially on the DVD).

A few minutes later, she is nude again, but this time in a very quick flash as she is having sex with Cain's brother in the bathroom of a bar.

Starduster was written on March 11, 2001

Topless Sci-Fi chick

The earlier reviews promted me to rent the tape. Here are some details: There's a good view of Doig's erect left nipple when Dean Cain pulls down her negligee. And there is one quick view of both breasts as she writhes in Cain's lap. The scene has other nudity, though most is heavily backlit, and a bit dark. But one shot is lit by an overhead spot that sharply illuminates Lexa's left breast. The mens room scene later has a lot of impassioned thrashing, but only a nipple peek or two for nudity.
The scenes are three stars for curious fans of the Andromeda tv-series; two stars otherwise.

Chicago was written on January 19, 2003

2 scenes

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Lexa's scenes. At :15:53-:17:12, short-haired brunette Lexa lies back on the bed...breasts seen as he kisses her chest. The view cuts to the two on a couch as he pulls her up to face him from her lying back; her breasts are viewable from from the front from a medium distance in dim lighting. The view again cuts to the two of them facing each other on their knees on the bed. Throughout the scene, however, the lighting changes from poor to decent to poor. At :28:45-:29:08 while wearing a blonde wig, Lexa is aggressively done in a bar's restroom; the guy pulls down her red lingerie tops giving mediocre views of her chest--shadows and with obscuring.

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