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Life of a Gigolo's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Somers, Gwen 4 Reviews
Roderick, Brande 4 Reviews
O'Brien, Nancy 3 Reviews
Hays, Lauren 5 Reviews
Harter, Leslie 5 Reviews
Harner, Kristen 3 Reviews
Hannum, Taimie 4 Reviews
Deffenderfer, Tara 3 Reviews

Life of a Gigolo's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Ritter, Mark 4 Reviews
Bartram, Brad 2 Reviews

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Gwen Somers
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

mature madam

Gwen has a conventionally pretty face and she's in good shape for her age but her scene with Lauren isn't one to write home about. Gwen seems ever so slightly past her prime here, mostly because she doesn't have the aloof sexiness of Shannon Tweed or the camp value of Marilyn Chambers.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Massage and more

Lays on left side getting a massage, sheet covers most of bottom, her arm obscures tits, she gets up and pulls sheet up under breasts--they seem to sway in the breeze. Sits around in a smoking jacket with muscular leg seductively crossed and goes full nude for lesbo scene: both tits and brief bush (possible lips)--scene darkened and she is often obscured by other girl.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

2 scenes

Gwen has two nude scenes in the movie. At 1:06.75, Gwen sits up after having a massage revealing her breasts (entire scene) and her bush very briefly. The 45 sec. scene is well-lit and you get great views of her breasts while sitting and talking to Lauren. At 1:11, she has a f/f with Lauren. Lauren rubs lotion on her shoulders, breasts, etc...full frontal views with good shots of her bush and hand-cup-sized breasts. The scene is 3 1/2 min.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Lesbian with Lauren Hays

Hot scene but Gwen's body isn't shown as much as it should (although there are brief glimpses of frontal nudity). The emphasis here is on Lauren's body, Gwen's moaning and lots of nice rubbing of shoulders and arms.

Brande Roderick
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Alley scene with Ritter

Brande has a pretty good scene with Ritter in an alley where she does some realistic fake oral as well as some great shagging up against the wall. Unlike most Playmates, she has natural boobs that are decent size and shape so my hat's off to her. She's passable in this scene but it's almost hotter watching Lauren Hays in the voyeuristic position spying on these two in the alley.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

One scene in alley

Brande is a very attractive/hot blonde who has sex with Mark in an alley at :40-:43. He kisses her breasts, spanks her, gives her oral sex, and they have sex standing and thrusting against a standing wooden pallet while Lauren spies on. Exciting scene, as Brande's excitement and talking to him adds all the more to it.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Alley oops

Is leaning against wooden shipping pallete leaned against wall in a blue print mini dress. Gigolo hikes skirt over head to reveal blue bra and pink bikini panties--long side view with round jutting butt and muscular legs. Bra comes off to reveal upward pointing nipple and left boobie. She gets turned around for brief breast jiggle and gets spanked briefly on her firm pantied ass--it does not jiggle at all. She gets her panties pulled down, but no "down" is revealed, however we get to see both her mambos while they get licked. Some side full and partial views, with brief tops of both butt cheeks with crack will she straddles him for simu sex.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Sex in alleyway

Lovely Brandy engages in vigorous intercourse with Gigolo in an alleyway while Lauren Hays secretly watches. Very playful with spanking and rubbing going on.

Nancy O'Brien
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Opening credits + first girl with Mark Ritter

Nancy O'Neil has one of the nicest bodies. She can't act but thankfully this role is silent. She looks great riding Mark Ritter on top and we get overhead views of her amazing, natural breasts. Nice view of her bush as he takes off her panties and simu-orals, too. The opening credits show her topless so we see her tits in profile. She's got great nipples.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

Sex with Mark

Another great scene, another gorgeous gal who has sex with Mark at :18 (who should be paying who here?) You see long views of her great breasts, ass, and bush (as he simulates oral sex). He really kisses and sucks her breasts and buries his head in her pubes during the scene. The scene lasts a good 4 1/2 min.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

One scene

Love scene with Gigolo while Lauren secretly watches. Nancy keeps her stockings on the whole time. Nice scene but too many shots of her back! Still, the views from the front are quite nice.

Lauren Hays
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Her finest hour

Lauren has never looked hotter than she did in this film. Her opening scene where she gets it from behind on the desk is forever etched in my brain. Her breasts are amazing and actually move unlike her later films where she seems to have lost all body fat and therefore her still-very-nice implants are stationary. Her moaning is incredible and her scenes getting her feet wet as a hooker are very hot, as well. We get oh so many views of her breasts and bush and she has a nice spankable ass, too...lots of scenes in power suits and voyeuristic indulgences. This is a cant-miss film for Hays fans.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Whole enchilada

Opening credits, romantically lit (slightly dark), has dress unzipped: Takes off bra, brief breast; hand and thong covered ass; Slightly dark mowhawk bush; both breasts. Bosses office: mini skirted long thigh scene; he pulls down top to reveal yellow see thru bra, lifts up skirt to reveal yellow see thru panties, he chows down on panties; They switch to desk, off comes bra, both tits flop out, hikes up skirt, reveals round twin buns and panties come off, she gets it from rear, just showing jiggly breasts and muscular back. Preparing for three way: Lifts shirt and shows glossy globes; Kisses girl, shows tits and side legs and butt; masturbates on couch in thong-- full shot with tits and legs. Before solo sex with gigolo: Strips from bra and panties to nude, two brief bush shots; straddles him and another fur frame.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

Starts tame, ends strong - 8 scenes

Lauren has 2 brief nude scenes (opening credits, :29) and 6 longer scenes (:26-:27.5; :50.25-:57 - f/f/m w/ Mark/Tara...see description under Tara; 1:11-1:14.5 - f/f w/ Gwen...see description under Gwen but Lauren's nudity is mostly her breasts since the focus is on Gwen; 1:17-1:18.5 - full frontal and long bush shots; 1:22.25-1:24.75; 1:26.75-1:27.75). Most of Lauren's scene involve full nudity.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Too many scenes to count

Lauren has hetero scenes, lesbian scenes, stripping scenes and a menage a trois in this film. She looks great as always and the scenes are hot. My only complaint is that there weren't enough long, drawn out shots her of great body. Still, it's hard to fault this film, this is more like a 3.5 stars -- a must see for Lauren fans.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Full frontal

I forgot to mention that Lauren shows a lot of full frontal nudity in this film -- make my rating a full four stars instead of 3.5!

Leslie Harter
thewraith was written on May 30, 2001

"can you take dic-tation?"

I too noticed something unusual about Harter's breasts as did Chicago. The tape is upstairs and I'm not so my unwillingness to go get it makes me resort to memory. As far as I remember, upon removal of her bra to reveal those lovely looking breasts, it seems to be some sort of dimple or "dent" in her areola (her left I believe) but it disappears after her nipples become erect. Great scene, great chick, nice bush, 3 stars...way too short.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Scene with Brad

Although Leslie's breasts are natural, they are misshapen and her nipples are noticeably flaccid. There isn't that much to her scene although Brad gives it his best effort. Her face is okay, though.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

One scene

While the scene at :59 isn't the longest (2 1/4 min), Leslie shows everything while having sex with her husband in the office. She takes off her bra and shoves his face in her breasts. Plenty of long shots of her breasts and ass as well as 3 views of her pubes! There's something unusual about her breasts when she first takes off her bra, but the nudity is a 4*...just too short.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Having sex in office

Starts off in a mini dress, which she hikes over head to reveal some see thru yellow bikini undies. She quickly removes the bra to reveal a nice set of large symmetrical torpedo breasts that point straight out and forward and hang nicely. She leans over onto the desk and her husband removes the yellow panties to reveal a nice heart shaped ass on top of long legs. She has the body of a supermodel. He kisses her cheeks and does a poochie sniff on her butt hole. She then turns around to face him and reveal the ever popular mohawk beaver cut. She lays back on the desk and reveals more bush and tits while she gets blotter humped--more jiggling tits and finis.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Love scene in office

Makes love to hubby in his office and on his desk. A tiny bit of frontal nudity.

Kristen Harner
Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

Sex on Table

At :12.5 Kristen's nude scene on the videotape shows long views of her great full breasts and ass, as well as bush shots. She has large breasts, light colored areola and flat nipples which darken and become more erect as the scene progresses...which adds a lot to her already exciting scene. Mark brushes a flower over her naked body, simulates oral sex on her, kisses her body, then has sex with her with him on top, from behind, and her sitting facing him. Scene lasts 3 min.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Video tape demonstration

She is lying on a table with breasts exposed and wearing thong panties and an open white blouse. The gigolo removes the panties to show she is a natural blonde. Her skin is very smooth and shiny and her silcone headlights seem to light the room. Her erect nipples point to the sky. He fumbles her V (explicitly shown) and she procedes to get serviced doggy style and buddha style.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Love scene on videotape

Lauren Hays watches a videotape of Gigolo making love to Harner. This scene is a must for breast fans -- lots of kissing and squeezing of her breasts. Her nipples are unbelievably erect.

Taimie Hannum
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004


Not sure what the female client is called for a gigolo but Taimie is second, after Nancy O'Brien. Taimie has a really off-putting face so it's just as well she is covered with a blindfold. Sadly, the same can't be said for her fake boobs. I forget whether she shows bush but it isn't a lingering view if she does. Her and Mark have some okay spooning sex and their tussling around is actually semi-hot but this girl is nothing compared to Lauren Hays or Nancy O'Brien.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001


GuyMannDude does a good description of this scene at :32-:36. Taimie has great breasts with large brown areola. She is extremely responsive to Mark's touches, breast kissing and tongue-flicking. The scene concludes with Taimie thrusting against Mark's leg between her thighs. Very erotic/exciting scene, though you wish to see more of her face and the scene was a little better lit.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Blindfolded sex

She starts off (and stays) blind folded with her arms tied overhead. She is wearing a bustier top and red thong lace panties. The scene is not so dark that you cant make everything out. The bra part is peeled off revealing her large round breasts. The gigolo feels her up and then unties her and moves her to the bed. The bustiere comes off and her bursting bust can breathe freely. He fingers her up aroung the thong bottom, gives a great thonged beaver shot (not pussy, damn!). He then removes the panties, fingers the bareness of her crotch and then gives it to her from behind while she shows her naked glory sans bare beaver.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Blindfolded sex

Taimie is blindfolded and tied while Lauren watches. Gigolo removes her clothes, then unties her hands for sex but the blindfold stays on the whole time. Nice scene but the lighting could be a bit better.

Tara Deffenderfer
Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

f/f/m scene

The long 6 1/2 min. scene is at :50.5 and starts with the guy removing her bra top and panties, and kissing her ass while she bends over from the waist. When Lauren returns from changing into lingerie, Tara calls her over and they have a f/f while he watches. You see Tara's bush during the f/f part of the scene (and tongue pierced). The guy then joins them, kisses Lauren's breasts and then moves to Tara, while Lauren backs away to a chair to watch. Several long shots of Tara's breasts and butt. As Lauren pleasures herelf watching the guy/Tara, both females come together.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

threesome with Ritter and Hays

Tara has some mediocre implants but it's hot watching her nipples get sucked and when she's riding Ritter on top, the flashing back between her expressions and Hays' masturbating is not bad at all. She has some nice interaction with Hays and overall, this scene is memorable. I don't recall seeing her in another softcore production.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Menage a trois

A fun evening get-together with the Gigolo and Lauren Hays. Starts off with her and Gigolo while Lauren watches. She becons Hays to join and becomes a girl-girl. Gigolo comes back and Hays resumes watching. Tara is beautiful and has impressive breasts. She's on top of the Gigolo while he is caressing and squeezing her breasts. He also spends some time kissing her bum while she bends over a bench.

Mark Ritter
flighty678 was written on July 9, 2009

Best of this guy

I don't get the complaints about his graying body hair, I think it adds to his appeal. Kind of George Clooney-ish thing going on. It's nice for once not to have a guy shave all his hair off. Anyway, you see his thrusting ass A LOT and a quick unintended flash of his penis. Beautiful man and great body. Too bad he hasn't done much more nudity (or movies) after this.

GDH was written on June 25, 2000

Backside, several times

Ritter is handsome (with a hint of Mel Gibson about him) and obviously keeps his body in shape. He gets his bum out several times in various sex scenes, as well as giving us the odd flash of pubic hair. He does so much nudity in this film I would have awarded four stars, but I found his greying body hair a slight turn-off!

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Naked Throughout but will you care?

Ritter has a nice face but his white body hair and hammy acting will hardly endear you to him. He is shirtless throughout with scattered views of his surprisingly supple bum. He seems to get into it during the scenes and is somewhat convincing as the lothario with a way with women but he just doesn't set my pulse racing.

Purevil03 was written on June 2, 2003


The sex scene between Mark and Lauren reveals more then intended to.

As they begin to have sex on the bed (you can see the budge this his underwear) he pulls off his underwear and you can clearly see the large head bobby up and down.

Brad Bartram
GDH was written on June 27, 2000

Obscured backside during sex scenes

Bartram shows his pale, smooth, muscular backside during three sex scenes. Unfortunately, in the first one (with Lauren Hays on a desk) he keeps his shirt on; in the second (also with Hays) we get only a quick flash as he rolls naked on top of her; in the third (with Leslie Harter, again on the desk) her foot gets in the way.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

His best

Brad didn't give us any frontal exposure until Vinyl Dolls in 2002 but this is probably his best film for sheer intensity. His opening scene with Lauren Hays is incredible with great views of his big thighs and muscular calves lifting as he thrusts into her and fakes ejaculation. Later, we see him getting fake oral from Lauren under the covers and she's on top until they finish and he flips her over to start again, giving us a view of his average rear. Lastly, he has a scene with Leslie Harter where we see his pubes and ass in full view this time. Although his legs are his best feature, his ass never looked as good. As he's gotten older, he's almost completely let his body go. Here, he had just the right mixture of muscle and cuddliness.

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