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year title
1987 Moglie molto infedele, Una 1 Review
1986 Voglia di guardare 0 Reviews
1986 Lussuria 2 Reviews
1985 Alcova, L' 1 Review
1978 To Be Twenty 0 Reviews
1978 Escape from Women's Prison 1 Review
1978 Candido Erotico 0 Reviews
1978 Avere vent'anni 2 Reviews
1976 Professoressa di scienze naturali, La 1 Review

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Moglie molto infedele, Una (1987)
12-string was written on March 31, 2001

hardcore and haggard

This XXX pic is noted strictly for comparison with Carati's other work, since by definition CNDB is largely a collection of softcore films. She's far from her glammiest here and looks rather drawn and haggard, a good 10 yrs older than the early-30-something she was at the time. (Turn out the lights, the party's over.) Body is still pretty tight, however. The only place you see a trace of the vivacious Carati of old is a fully-clothed scene where she sits at Rocco Siffredi's desk, smoking cigarettes and speaking in Italian (dubbing is awful in the US print). Her sexual performance is pretty tepid, and picture is of primary interest for the cheap thrill of watching a former celebrity hit bottom. US video is called ON MY LIPS, and closing title (in Italian) announces that this is the "End of Part 1." I've never seen the sequel and am not aware it was ever released in the US. You do get to see her naked, and having explicit sex with 2 men and 2 women at different times, but it's not likely to be much of a turn-on, and I don't even recommend the picture for the porn.

Voglia di guardare (1986)
Lussuria (1986)
muckster was written on March 28, 2007

Naked aristocratic Auntie

Lilli plays the Contessa Martha in this arty and absurd piece of soft porn set in thirties Italy. It's the sort of film where everybody finds an excuse to doink everybody else in turn regardless of gender or blood relationships, while the remaining members of the cast peep on through the bedroom door fondling each other's crotches through their nightwear. Set in a decaying mansion, the photography and atmosphere is very nice, and the three ladies of the house try their best to act posh by playing the violin and smoking through foot-long fag-holders. Partly they succeed, but the copious sex scenes are uninspired and repetitive.

Lilli is very beautiful and oozes a dark and husky sexuality, so it makes you wonder how she came to be living alone in the middle of nowhere. Naturally she is a frustrated nympho who has some sort of sexual relations with almost everybody (even the gardener when she wanders outside showing her bush on the off-chance of a quickie). Except unfortunately for the maid Nicolina (though we do see this character using some bidet-type arrangement so we can tick the Entire-Female-Cast-Naked box after all). The film is softcore only and there are no gyno shots, but we see Lilli fully nude many times over, the highlight probably being a lesbian session where we get a close view of her hairy pubis being licked by Marina. But oddly enough I found her most enjoyable scenes to be the hilarious ones where she's fully clothed pampering her mute nephew Alessio, spooning him medicine, or comforting him in bed after a wet dream.

Lussuria (AKA A Lustful Mind et al) is stupid and insane, and my first reactions were a mixture of boredom, bewilderment and even anger. But watched in the right frame of mind it can be an absolute joy.

Condor was written on October 19, 1999

Very good Nudity

Lilli palys a countess who accepts her dumb nephew to try to cure him by sex. and she radfiets sex in every of her scenes. First shes comletly naked in a lesbian scene with the boys stepmother later she with the father. Then she walks and talkes to the boy in high heels corset and cometly transparent gown showing us everything. there a scene where shes ridding the boy (supposadly in his dreams) wearing the corset and nothing else great muff and ass shots there. and the best scene as the three women seduce the boy shes like the other women wearing an open silky gown showing her black triangle and lusty tits then they all undress the boys teacher from her gown to have sex with boy. GREAT scene. lilly looks very sofisticated and she radiates sex in every of her scenes.

Alcova, L' (1985)
Condor was written on October 19, 1999

Several scenes

This Italian brunette bombshell who graced many softcore movies during the eighties and late sevebnties ad then turned into hardcore in the nineties gives us a little pick in this erotic Italian WW1 piece. Sghe plays the wife of an army officer who returns from war with a booty in the face of exotic Laura Germser. There is less nudity here by Lilli than in her other films. The most notable is her lying in bad talking to her husband getting out and than in while Laura watches. The entire scene Lilli spends in the nude. then there are two lesbian scenes with partial nudity by her. She got lustfull tits juicy ass and great aestetic black venus triangle.This Woman is HOT

To Be Twenty (1978)
Escape from Women's Prison (1978)
Immy was written on November 21, 2009


Lilli and three other women bust out of prison and hole up in the house of a prominent judge. Her first exposure comes when she's changing tops in the living room (0:39) then when the other girls turn on her she's thrown in as a prisoner with the judge in his study. He takes the opportunity to mete out some revenge by ripping her clothes off and having his way with her (0:55, nude, trying to resist). We get a couple more topless shots afterwards. These times are based on a 76-minute DVD version and there are apparently quite a few longer cuts out there.

Candido Erotico (1978)
Avere vent'anni (1978)
thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


I read in another review (elsewhere) that Carati had some explicit penetration scenes, but I have not seen any here..(maybe my version was edited)

00:12:00 Lilli adds some furry full-frontal flesh flashing to this scene with an equally-naked Gloria Guida when they're attacked by a group of horny fellers...

00:29:00 Lilli bares her breasts again whilst she gets changed... And there's that mime, again!

00:35:00 Mr. Mime gets a nice, if fleeting, look at Lilli's lollies when she takes her shirt off in front of him...

00:37:00 There's a whole lotta' gropin' goin' on in this fantastic full-frontal sequence with Gloria, two guys, and the mime...

00:55:00 Some more nice glimmers of globage during this topless make-out session...

00:57:00 Yet more tits and a hint of ass during this bedroom romp... Sure looks like rootin' tootin' bit of fun!

Orson-Welles was written on September 13, 2000

In bed with Gloria Guida then walking about the apartment.

A wonderful scene where Lili gets a little groove on with co-star Gloria Guida. Lili's nudity consists of nude shots of her body-to-body with Gloria then a great scene where she gets up and walks around the apartment totally nude. Great full-frontals!

Professoressa di scienze naturali, La (1976)
Winchester was written on October 19, 1999

Good erotic comedy

This italian erotic comedy not only has a gorgeous female starring, it also is quite funny to see (May be 'cause there is a secret fantasy in too many teenage boys to see naked or having sex with an attractive mature woman). Well... Lilli plays the role of an attractive biology teacher, so we can see many voyeur scenes where a couple of her (too-much-mature-man-aliked) teenage students watch her undress or taking a shower. Lilli shows up her big and nice breasts, ass and bush (briefly). At the end, the comedy turns into a drama when teacher and student fall in love each other, but... nah!

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