Falun, Dalarnas län, Sweden

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year title
2008 Let the Right One In 1 Review
2008 Lat den ratte komma in 1 Review

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Let the Right One In (2008)
Ghostwords was written on April 21, 2009

Please see entry under the original title

In any case, she almost certainly used a body double.

Lat den ratte komma in (2008)
Ghostwords was written on April 21, 2009

Body double?

To quote Jeremy Knox, writing in Film Threat: "Yeah, there's some blood and one really quick shot of nudity". He's referring to the scene in which Oskar peeks as his vampire girlfriend as she changes clothes. There is the briefest glimpse of bush, but considering Ms Leandersson would have been 12 or 13 when the scene was shot, it's almost certainly a body double. I enter it here in case one of our more gullible contributors gets confused.

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