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Lina Romay's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Jess Franco's Incubus 0 Reviews
1998 Lust for Frankenstein 1 Review
1997 Tender Flesh 2 Reviews
1983 Diary of a Desperate Houswife 1 Review
1983 Confesiones íntimas de una exhibicionista 1 Review
1981 Girls of the Copacabana 1 Review
1979 Sádico de Notre-Dame, El 0 Reviews
1979 Elles font tout 1 Review
1977 Swedish Nympho Slaves 1 Review
1977 Ilsa, the Wicked Warden 1 Review
1976 Jack the Ripper 0 Reviews
1975 Women Behind Bars 1 Review
1975 Rolls-Royce Baby 1 Review
1974 Celestine 1 Review
1973 Female Vampire 3 Reviews
1973 Avaleuses, Les 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Lina Romay member submitted

Jess Franco's Incubus (2002)
Lust for Frankenstein (1998)
dwightfy was written on May 27, 2001

many nude scenes thru out

lina was 44 whem this movie came out and she's chunky here. there's a dvd and deluxe vhs version that has both the american and european version. skip the american, the european has 8 min. more of sex scenes. lina's is fully nude a lot in this movie. her 3 best scenes are an early love scene with michelle bauer, a long scene with another girl and a guy, and another lesbian scene.

Tender Flesh (1997)
thefaceman32 was written on October 18, 2003


Well not her most explicit movie scene, but Lina never fails to get her close-up (has she ever had a scene without a close-up?)

00:14:00 Here's a flash of Lina's boosh. It's a bit quick, but damn, Mr. Camera was close enough to get a sniff!

01:08:00 Nice glimpse of Lina's rack while she mashes face with Monique Parent. It's Lez-Tastic!

Sexdemonno1 was written on July 10, 2006

She looks AWFUL

Lina 20 years ago was gorgeous and cute - Lina today (well in 1997 anyway) looks bloody awful.

For some reason she's decided to look like a lesbian and has her hair short which really doesn't help. Her nice flowing black hair used to be great.

Her body is also terrible now and she has surely made enough money now where she no longer needs to flash it.
Why doesn't she stick to straight acting from now on and leave the nudity?

Grow old gracefully lady!

Diary of a Desperate Houswife (1983)
McKinnon was written on April 26, 2012

Quite a show

Curvaceous blonde Lina puts on a show at a private party, finally laying on the floor, fully naked, large breasts and thick bush on display. Various people gravitate to her, kissing her breasts and down her body. this becomes an orgy of about five people and is something you won't forget. This goes on from about :52-1:02.

Confesiones íntimas de una exhibicionista (1983)
Serna was written on November 22, 2000

masturbation, threesome

This is a very sexy, softcore/almost hardcore picture. This is a review of the 80minute Spanish video version of this 1982 film starring and directed by Lina Romay (as Candy Coster).
She is a stripper telling the story of her sex life. There is a lot of nudity, lesbianism, and hard shagging throughout.
Lina spends a lot of time lying on her back with close up shots of her arse, the curve between her buttocks and her hairy bush. She's put on a bit of weight since her earlier roles but she's still got those amazing sexy eyes.
The long scene which stands out is when Lina is sitting on a chair watching a couple having sex in the next room. She is drinking milk, putting it on her nipples and playing with herself (some fingering which wouldn't get shown in just softcore in the UK) as they have sex: the woman going down on him,the man taking her from the front and then very energetically from behind.
Then Lina moves to the door standing there playing herself still. She runs her hands over her breasts and then fingers herself expertly again.
They see her and invite her to join. The woman is giving the man head (you see all the movement but not the actual contact in this version). Lina does the same. Then she gets on him facing away first with her round arse in his face and rubbing his erection between her breasts. Then she turns and has sex with him. Phew!

Girls of the Copacabana (1981)
Stevarooni was written on September 4, 2012

The seductress

At around 58 minutes in, Lina walks into a bedroom and shucks her clothes. Her panties disappear while she's off-screen, though, so she's laying on her belly on the bed by the time the camera returns. Still, some nice views of her pneumatic body and bouncy breasts. About a minute and a half of well-lit nudity...and another dozen seconds, a few minutes later when she jumps out from *under* the bed. Not very sexual, but she looks good.

Sádico de Notre-Dame, El (1979)
Elles font tout (1979)
BushLeague was written on May 24, 2003

Mucho nuditos

Credited as Candy Coster. She really put on the pounds and has "matured" since 1975 and "Les Avaleuses". Her hips have gotten heavy and her ass riddled with cellulite, but she does look OK in the right light, but the breasts don't sag too much. Breasts, pizza pie ass, and unclipped bush admiring herself in mirror then dancing. Right breast and buns, full nudity from rear when guy strips her out of clothes. Side breasts and buns giving guy a b.j. (explicit, no erection). Butt and breasts from side fiddling with dildo then wide open hairy crotch shot. Brief left tit and sponge cake buns teasing guy on tennis court. Tits ass and bush giving oral to waiter and maid (explicit, partial erection). Full nude, bush, breasts, buns giving three guys head (explicit, 1 erection with phony cum scene). Right breast and spread eagle hairy bush in 3 way lesbian scene. Dark buns when crawling away after some late night "wedding counseling" while couples are asleep (includes an explicit bj, with no spunk). There are apparently a soft "X" and a "strong erotica" version of this movies. This is the "strong" version.

Swedish Nympho Slaves (1977)
sky_blue_waters was written on March 2, 2009

4 star nudity, 1 star looks

Time to reevaluate the cut off date for watching Lina Romay. I've seen her look worse, but this is still pretty bad. Have to move the cut off to 1973.

She is fully nude and in good lighting several times in this film. But, I can only give it one star.

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (1977)
AceOfClubs was written on April 16, 2004

You see it ALL

Lina shows everything in a lesbian scene with Dyanne Thorne early on. Then at about the 35 minute mark, she and Tania Busselier are completely nude in the shower with the other inmates and they have a great nude catfight! Both actresses roll around the shower floor showing everything they've got...including some great crotch and anus shots while the other women squeal and cheer. Fantastic scene!

Jack the Ripper (1976)
Women Behind Bars (1975)
cybordemon was written on May 6, 2004

The Naked Interrogation

Lina Romay is seen completely naked and tied up in a chair. Wires are seen attached to her private parts (vaginal lips). Her Legs are spread wide open. Lina stubbornly refuses to answer the wardens request and is punished for it with Electro-shock treatment. Lina romay is seen jumping up & down and squirming around in the chair as the warden shocks her, lots of screaming, crying and breasts bouncing up and down. The camera does a close up of her pelvic region as the electrocution is being administered. Every inch of Lina's body is seen in this movie, clear shots of her breasts and frontal vagina.
I bought it off

Rolls-Royce Baby (1975)
rocco-rules was written on June 6, 2005

nude and mobile

First of all, Lina is stark naked and clean shaven (bald pussy) throughout most of this movie. She's in her prime here. There’s too much nudity to describe in detail, or to give times for, so here’s a summary:

Shaves her pussy, masturbates explicitly, poses nude & spread-eagled for a photographer, with lots of close-up beaver-shots, lies with the naked photographer (showing limp penis a lot), has breakfast with her chauffeur (Eric Falk), strips naked for him, teases him with nude yoga, gets eaten out by him (it gets explicit towards the end) for about 4 minutes, afterwards he explicitly rubs her pussy while they talk abut her next fantasy; she hitchhikes and gets picked up by a truck, strips naked during the ride, fucks the alternate (thin, young) driver first, you see his semi-hard cock much of the time, but it’s not inside her; she then simul-fucks the main driver, and then back to the young driver, giving him some explicit head while in the 69 position for a full minute; then she’s back servicing the fat old driver, while she gets explicitly fingered from behind by the young driver; they soon throw her out of the truck, stark naked in the middle of nowhere; back to some more nude photography, then more explicit masturbating.

She hits the road in her Rolls and starts picking up people for sex. First up is a young guy who gets to explicitly rubs her pussy and then simul-fucks her; next, some more masturbating, then another guy is picked up and is simul-fucked in a meadow; she takes a bath, then it’s back to the road where she picks up a hippy guy and they exchange some simul-head; next, she picks up a woman (Ursula Maria Schaefer) and they kiss and lick each other’s boobs; she takes Ursula home and they spend the next 5 minutes touching, licking and rubbing every part of their bodies (Ursula is clean shaven too), before Eric, the chauffeur comes in and a three-way session commences; Eric comes up behind Ursula and simul-doggies her a bit; when Lina rides Eric, Ursula explicitly masturbates while watching; then it’s back to the road …..

Celestine (1974)
Serna was written on May 6, 2007

lots of nudity throughout

I think the subtitle of this film is the "all round maid" and that's what Celestine is.
Romay plays her and is either dressed in old style clothes with long dresses, basques and petticoats or is lifting them up to sit in some lucky guys lap.
It's a softcore 'comedy' romp.
Celestine is a prostitute but after a police raid she finds herself in a mansion working as a maid where she basically works through the staff and the oppressed rich family who own it. Romay is naked a lot, there's lots of bobbing up and down in laps, a blow job (not explicit). She is full frontal, lovely ass shots.
Not sure when the film was made, mid 70s or so, before Lina put on the pounds, so she looks pretty good. Lots of sexy clothes if you like maid's outfits etc.
Lots of other actresses and actors get naked too. The whole cast I think.
Not her best but well worth seeing

Female Vampire (1973)
Coptional was written on July 14, 2005

Lina Romay's scenes

If you can catch the original German release of this one (the explicit version) you'll get to see Lina drain the life force of her victims via some pretty explicit oral sex. Unfortunately, so much of the movie is shot in the dark that while there's plenty of T&A, and a fair amount of bush, you're going to miss most of it.

BushLeague was written on February 1, 2003

The inspiration for Mathilda May in "LifeForce"?

This movie goes by at least a dozen titles, but there are basically three versions: 1) "The Bare Breasted/Dark Countess" (super soft version). 2) "Female Vampire" (soft core porn) 3) "Les Avaleuses" (hard core porn). Your best bet here is to "rent before you buy!". Like Mathilda May in "LifeForce" (although she is in no way as well built), Lina walks through this movie practically always naked with her 36D milk dispensors and/or hairy black bush always constantly shown. Unfortunately, she often has some knee high leather boots on during her nude scenes. Of particular note, she gives several veeeery long spread eagle crotch shots with her pussy lips visible (one scene is very brightly lit and you easily make out the lips, others are well lit, but her lips are either obscured by fingers, or water, or other objects, or you just can't make out the kitty under the fur). She also shows many full length rear nude views as she makes love, writhes on the bed, etc. She is kind of a not quite as cute, but in much better shape Romy Scheider. To recap: She does many, many, well lit, very long nude and sex scenes with little, if any, dialogue--my kind of actress!

soulman was written on December 27, 2005

She Shows Everything. I Mean EVERYTHING.

No doubt I've been watching the uncut, unrated DVD because she shows everything. Spread shots including a great close-up of her rubbing her pussy with her fingers. Crappy movie. Great scenes.

Avaleuses, Les (1973)
12-string was written on March 21, 2001

Naked throughout

The only version of this film I've seen is the US video release entitled LOVES OF IRINA. Romay is either nude or diaphonously clad throughout and engages in several lengthy sex scenes, one of them S/M though very fakey. As previous reviewer notes, she is at her physical peak here, voluptuous without being chunky and her mysterious beauty is perfect for the role. There are numerous zooms to the crotch in which her vaginal split is noticeable by those who might look for such things. The IRINA print also includes (during her 2nd boy-girl scene) several very close shots of Romay performing rather drooly fellatio, perhaps on her featured co-star, though his face is not visible in the footage. (Since this tape was released on an ostensibly strictly softcore line, this was a pleasant surprise for the 12-stringer on first viewing.) Vs this, the theme music, which seems to be based on "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," may make your skin crawl after about 15 minutes, and one may question whether the always-blurry photography is the director's intention (to emphasize the dreamlike quality of the imagery) or if the DP just didn't know where the focus was on his camera. In my opinion this somewhat mutes the erotic appeal, as I had to keep checking to see whether I still had my glasses on. Slapdash production is typical of director Franco, but I would give the nudity an easy **** if the film had been in focus. Romay is quite the peach here, and the film is interesting though ultimately too sloppy and throwaway.

Serna was written on October 30, 2000

Fantastic Nude Vampire

Romay was 19 when this film (known outside France as The Female Vampire or the Bare Breasted Vampire) was made in 1973 and it was made in about three different versions. She plays a vampire who sucks not blood, but goes down on her victims to suck them to death. She is naked most of the time in the version shown late night on UK TV which was only cut for some S and M. Most of the time she wears just big black boots, a belt and a cape. There are loads of close-ups of her hairy, black bush and her arse, which was lovely at this time although she put on weight on later films.
Three scenes stand out: First a man comes to her bed where she is lying naked. She kisses him, undresses him and lies on the bed with her legs spread. He gets on top. After a while she gets on top with her buttocks arched in the air. She goes down on him with her face deep into his pubic hair. There’s lots of wriggling and he dies. She sits on him and has sex with him, during which we see lots of close-ups of her buttocks going up and down.
Later she goes to the female journalist (Alice Arno) who is totally naked in bed. She kisses Arno all over, her breasts and eventually her vagina (in close up). Arno gets very excited and then dies. Romay looks up, her mouth is soaking wet. She begins to rub her breasts against Arno’s body, then her vagina on her belly and finally she rolls over to rub her buttocks on the other girl’s breasts.
The sexiest scene of all is what comes next – a great piece of masturbation from Romay. She returns to her room and lies naked on her bed. She begins to “fellate” a bedpost and rub it between her hands. Then she sits astride it and rubs her breasts and bush against it. She rolls over on her front on the bed and gets the pillow roll between her legs. She gets on it as if it’s a man and has sex with it, bucking her lovely buttocks slowly. This scene lasts for about five minutes and has to be seen.
There’s plenty more in this film and Romay’s performance is just uninhibited sexuality.

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