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1991 Ricochet 4 Reviews

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Ricochet (1991)
sweetfilipino was written on August 21, 2004

Linda Dona and Densel Washington have sex scene.bu the kissing scene doesnt' shown. after Linda's hopping Denzel for sex.

Yup!!!!Denzel Washington have been sex scene with Linda Dona.because Denzel as a cop kidnapped by John Lithgow portraying as a villain and Linda as a prostitute have sex with Denzel.the problem is the kissing scene of Denzel and Linda doesn't show after btheir sex..

louisgara was written on January 23, 2000

Breasts and butt during sex scene

Half-way through Ricochet, when John Lithgow drugs Denzel Washington up and ties him to the bed. We soon see Linda Dona, as a prostitute, taking off her clothes, showing off a good view of her breasts and bare butt when she hops on top of Washington for sex. Beautiful actress and while the scene isn't long, its quite memorable and her body looks great.

Creepyhead was written on April 19, 2017

Linda Rapes Denzel!!

This gets 3 stars because the nudity is used in a good sex scene,

Denzel plays a cop turned assistant district attorney Nick. His arch enemy escapes prison and wants to get back at him in the worst way. He kidnaps Nick and drugs him then puts him naked and sedated on a bed. Then he brings in Wanda the prostitute played by Linda.

Linda strips off a Velcro dress and long boots to reveal her ok normal tits. Denzel begs her not to do it and she mocks his objections by saying it's turning her on. She removes the sheet and there is a shot of her butt as she climbs on Denzel straddling him. Then a long shot shows the two bad guys are filming it. We see a long shot of Linda from behind grooving on Denzel and then she begins to ride up and down moaning. She taunts Denzel about him starting to get hard. She has pale white skin and long blonde hair so looks pretty good on Denzel. It's not very long but looks good. The bad guy sends the tape to the tv stations to make the rape look consensual and anger Denzels wife. Denzel also finds out Linda had the clap and he's got it!!

sweetfilipino was written on August 30, 2004

Wanda is hot and sexy prostitute!!!!but Nick is hot and macho.

Nick Styles(Denzel Washington)is a cop tried to captures his villain Earl Talbot Blake(John Lithgow)and send him to jail.then Earl escape from prison tried to find Nick.Nick is promoted as a police officer.then Earl kidnapped Nick and then Nick and Earl tries to arm wrestling.when Nick lose to Earl and Earl injecting him.then Earl lied Nick on the bed a prostitute named Wanda(Linda Dona)came to sex with Nick.then Earl put the money on the table and the Handycam has been set.then Wanda get money.Wanda put up her legs to Nick.she remove her dress then move her blanket.and Wanda sit on Nick Wanda's hopping Nick like a after their sex.the kissing scene doesn't show.but maybe Wanda have kiss the Nick's chest and his face.even Wanda kiss Nick's lips.but Wanda taste Nick's lips so tasted does not show to us.

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