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1999 Dangerous Attraction 1 Review
1990 Night Angel 2 Reviews

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Dangerous Attraction (1999)
Tassien was written on September 15, 2003

After balcony sex

After Linden does Andrea Roth on the balcony, they wake up inside. When he gets up off the couch, there is a brief shot of his butt as he pulls up his pants. Not much, but it's more than he usually does.

Night Angel (1990)
Ozzie700 was written on January 30, 2002


First, during a fantasy sex scene, there are a couple of shots of his plush butt from the side that are too close to get a great look. Later on, he's standing in his dark bedroom in the nude, and there's another way-too-close-up shot of his left cheek when he's near a table. The camera is practically strapped to his back! This man had nice assets and I don't know why they weren't properly displayed.

cecil was written on August 27, 2001

brief rear

I omitted one scene in my earlier review. At the end of the movie, we see a very quick full rear as he walks around the bedroom nude. We see a very quick, dimly lit, full view. Requires a pause button.

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