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year title
1999 Stranger in My House 1 Review
1994 Parallel Lives 1 Review
1977 Between the Lines 1 Review

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Stranger in My House (1999)
CrazyKing was written on December 30, 2002

Taking a bath

She's in the tub taking a bath but her legs are blocking the view.
Nothing is shown at all.

Parallel Lives (1994)
Immy was written on May 3, 2009

Down blouse (0:12)

While at a sorority reunion, Lindsay decides a quieter place to sleep would be away from the other girls on a livingroom couch. As she leans over to put down some bedding we clearly see right down her shirt for a brief moment. The resulting exposed right boob was probably unplanned.

Between the Lines (1977)
Ghostwords was written on January 13, 2010

Bedroom seduction

Whilst John Heard waits for her in bed, Ms Crouse unzips her overalls and then leaps onto him. As she peels the top part off, we see her bare back and then the very side of her right breast, but Heard blocks a full view as they embrace and roll around on the bed.

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