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1987 Is-slottet 2 Reviews

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Is-slottet (1987)
Dudester was written on March 9, 2003

Lesbian Attraction

Hilde is a gorgeous blonde. She has lesbian feelings for her friend and at nine minutes into the movie talks her friend into undressing to play a game. The scene is well lit, so there's no mystery. 10:10-Hilde's butt and boobs as she's bending over to take off her panties-shot is done from behind and side. 11:25-Breasts as she faces the other girl. 49:30-FULL Frontal nude in flashback as the camera s-l-o-w-l-y pans up her body.

vizier was written on April 13, 2015

nothing to look at

unfortunately both these girls were 11 so there is nothing to be seen

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