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Mundae, Misty 1 Review

Lingerie's Sexy Actors

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Steen, Jonathan 1 Review
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Misty Mundae
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Lana Taylor

Lana Tailor standing fully nude in a shower as Milena May removes her own clothes and then gets into the shower with her and lesbian kisses her and goes down on her and kisses her breasts and nipples before Lana kisses Milena's breasts and goes down on her as well and then stands up and rubs Milena between the legs all while they continue to make out.

Jonathan Steen
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

Jonathan Steen is a gorgeous blond stud who is a cross between a jock and a beach boy. He does not hesitate to show his magnificent body, especially his shapely, fuzzy butt. Nice long exposures of his bare ass make for wonderful skinning from this hottie.

Michael Scratch
Derek was written on May 26, 2012

Love scenes

Michael Scratch is a handsome hottie with a great body and a rocking ass that he shows rather frequently in this series. In one love scene he is between two women and has his legs scissored in two directions, exposing his perfect butt. Well worth checking out.

Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Embarrassment scene

Episode 1:1--"Picture Perfect" Hunkulous and beautiful Michael Scratch finishes a love scene and is shown from behind as he goes to the refrigerator to get a drink while completely nude. His perfectly muscled body, his bubble butt, his tapered V-shaped back, are all on fine display, especially after he opens the fridge door and light is cast upon him. While there, the woman friend of his lady love arrives and he hides behind the refrigerator door until finally his girlfriend prompts him to leave and get dressed. She gives him a dish towel, which he places over his privates as he exits.

Matthew Fitzgerald
Greengerm430 was written on January 2, 2014

Other person wrong

Fitzgerald is one of the hottest guys in softcore porn and I'm shocked he hadent ben in anything other than Lingerie. You often see his ass and even get a glimpse (very quickly) of the topmost part of his shaft in the scene where he bangs the girl who's sink he's supposed to be fixing.

Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

Although Fitzgerald is cute as any guy can be, and has a great body, he hardly participates in the nudity putout of this show. While the other actors are frequently well exposed, he is usually filmed in dark shots and the camera mostly stays off him and on the women in the scenes. You could see as much of him at the local beach.

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