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2004 Walk on Water 2 Reviews
2001 Late Marriage 3 Reviews
2001 Hatuna Meuheret 1 Review

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Walk on Water (2004)
dvdcollector was written on March 25, 2005

Outdoor shower scene

We get a good view of his rear (though from a bit of a distance) while he is rubbing sunscreen on Knut Berger's back just after taking a shower outdoors. Nice butt. Then we also get a brief frontal view as he is getting dressed. Not as much nudity as in Late Marriage, but he is looking better in this film! Also, the shower scene is repeated in much of the bonus material on the DVD -- and there is a nice scene in at least two pieces of bonus footage where he gets out of a pool wearing a black swimsuit and quickly shows his butt to the audience. This is a fairly close shot of his butt, which is in very nice shape here!

donby was written on September 1, 2005

Two male leads shower on the beach.

Ashkenazi & other actor show rears & frontals in this very nice scene. Since the two actors play a straight & a gay character, there is nothing supposedly sexy about the shots. However, it certainly got my juices going !

Ashenazi's tool looks small , but we know from "Late Marriage", his other film shown here, that it is not. The camera angle and the fact that he is hunched over, in the extremely short frontal scene, probably resulted in the 'petit' appearance.

Ashkenazi's acting is superb, especially when you realize that in Late Marriage he played a completely different character from this hard-eyed assasin.

Late Marriage (2001)
donby was written on February 22, 2003

Sex scene between Zaza (Ashkenazi) & his girl friend. Many, many nude shots from both.

Think no film from the Middle East could be sexy? This Israeli movie will prove you wrong in spades ! After a few long scenes between two families trying to arrange a marriage, we follow the 31-year-old son to his girl friend's apartment. What an eye opener !------There follows one of the most provocative, erotic, natural (and longest) sex scenes in mainstream movie history. Of the son's nudity, I counted four rear shots & two frontals. But what really is a turn-on is the un-selfconscious playing of the two actors who make you believe that this couple is really into each other.-----In a way, this long sex scene is out-of-keeping with the rest of the film which is alternately comic & dramatic.

Guiseppe was written on June 18, 2007

Every shot is pure bliss

Lior Ashekenazi is notable for helping create one of the most believable sex scenes in film history. This is shown in Late Marriage. Lior and his maiden are rolling around in bed in whcih we get great upclose shots of his shapely ass and a few lingering glances of his beautiful circumsised endowment. The highlight of this is when he gets up from the bed in which you can darkly, but surely see a stand-at-attention erection.

derek22 was written on April 10, 2010

Good looking boner

It's not often you get to see an erection outside of hardcore porn, but Lior definitely has one when he gets out of bed. Use your pause button to enjoy it.

Hatuna Meuheret (2001)
dvdcollector was written on August 4, 2002

Extensive Nudity in Long Love-Making Scene

This film, also known as Late Marriage in the United States, has one of the longest, most realistic love-making scenes I have ever seen. During this scene we get repeated long views of Ashkenazi's bare rear, which is quite shapely. We also get occasional views of his penis and, in one scene, a good frontal from below, giving an excellent view of his testicles. There is clearly no effort here to mask the nudity!
The actor is quite good looking, but not enough for four stars. Otherwise, this would definitely be a top ranked example of movie nudity.

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