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1990 Playroom 1 Review
1989 Damned River 1 Review

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Playroom (1990)
Immy was written on September 3, 2009

Topless (0:23)

Lisa and her archeologist boyfriend (Chris McDonald) are holed up in a creepy medieval monastery. But that doesn't mean they can't enjoy a little sack time. Lisa rides him in bed (nude in profile, only her boobs are seen though) but Chris is distracted. It's an early sign that he's about to lose his grip on reality.

Damned River (1989)
Know-it-all was written on February 24, 2002

Wet blondes are always good.

Lisa, a former Miss Virginia, has a few nice quasi-revealing scenes in this film. She and several other people are rafting in Africa, and their guide turns out to be a rather unbalanced dude, played by Stephen Shellen. Lisa and her boyfriend on the trip have sex one night in that rapids. She's wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, which shows her breasts nicely when it's wet, and it also moves back and forth a bit, exposing her breasts. They don't realize it, but Shellen is spying on them.

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