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1985 Love Circles 1 Review

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Love Circles (1985)
Immy was written on July 24, 2007


Wow, what a beauty Lisa is! She meets reporter John Allen on a flight to L.A. and by the time they land they're headed to the house of a rich friend of hers. First we teasingly see her in just a bikini by the pool but later that night is the revelation. She slips off a robe and stands nude in a bedroom doorway and what we see is amazingly gorgeous (1:13). A full, ripe figure but still girlishly cute. Then she flies to NYC and meets with Timothy Wood, who could land her a lead in a Broadway play...that requires the star to be naked! She poses topless for him (1:19, wearing panties, stockings and a garter belt) then beds him (1:22, boobs and buns riding him). Why, oh, why didn't Lisa do more films?? She's a goddess! See the film just for her scenes.

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