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year title
2008 Insanitarium 1 Review
2004 The Last Run 0 Reviews
2001 American Pie 2 15 Reviews

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Insanitarium (2008)
JohnnyR was written on April 1, 2009

Blood Spattered Breasts

Lisa plays a nymphomaniac in an asylum. She appears topless earlier in the movie being raped by a male nurse and then several times later after being infected by the zombifying mutated nanobots (or whatever) running around trying to eat people.

The Last Run (2004)
American Pie 2 (2001)
Cyclone was written on August 13, 2002

Bedroom scene

About 47 minutes in, we get a couple of brief, but clear looks at Lisa's small breasts (both frontal, and from the side). We also see much of her butt, including some exposure when Denise Faye is touching Lisa's thigh. She's not a bad looking woman, but as someone who prefers women with larger breasts, her exposure didn't do much for me.

beave0 was written on March 25, 2006

breast with nipple

At 47:26 we get to see Lisa (Amber) breast while she is tring on Denise (Danielle) swim tops.

LeroyBrown was written on August 29, 2002

Topless and butt in thong

She takes off her top and we get a full head on view of her small breasts not a very long look but not bad. There were other shots of her breasts as the scene continues mostly distant and somewhat obstructed. She does have rather ample thighs and buttocks but they appear to be rock hard. I personally think those were her best assets, no pun intended.

Boobsieslover was written on April 22, 2004


Lisa is absolutely gorgoeus in that infamous scene and have no idea how many times I have seen that scene but I love it every single time.
This scene reminds of a similar one in Fraternity Vacation and Lisa reminds me of her equally gorgeous counterpart there Barbara Crampton.

icebag2 was written on September 8, 2008

Pink-pantied buns

OK, I have to confess to a weakness for perky short-haired blondes with incredible asses and tits that don’t have to be that big. That’s Lisa. And her ass, framed in that cute pink thong – so round, so firm. Oh, man, I can't go on like this. She's pretty much the only reason to see this movie, but SEE it! See HER!

dav345 was written on February 10, 2002

no extra nudity on the DVD unrated version

I am just reporting that the unrated DVD version of the movie has no extra nudity on it, so it is not worth renting or buying, in my humble opinion.

vimsy was written on September 16, 2001

Lesbian scene

There is a brief nudity in the lesbain scene. Nothing much. But the original film has much better scenes than this one

soulman was written on April 10, 2003

Thong Booty & Brief Tit Shot..

Arturo is one of two chicks suspected of being lesbians. She sexy with small tits and a great ass. Her tits are are shown briefly when she's changing and some pretty decent thong shots. What an ass on this girl. She has the ass of a sister. The scene is starts at the 44 minute mark on the unrated DVD but I don't see any difference from the R version.

Contepomi was written on July 25, 2005

Lesbians in the Bedroom

Lisa Arturo is topless from the front and sides. A description of her doesn't really do her justice, she has very small breasts (and nipples) and a large butt, which doesn't sound too good but the look works. As Mena Suvari says in the DVD commentary 'I want that ass!', and truly that ass is a thing of beauty.

eaglefish69 was written on August 12, 2001

lesbian scene

Plays one of the two supposed lesbians her name is amber. she has small tit with nice brown nipples on them I gave it three stars because she shows them a while and in plain view.

StevieW was written on July 6, 2003

nice scene

Lisa Arturo appears in the famous "lesbian" scene in this entertaining follow up to the teen cult classic American Pie,we get a good look at her nice big hiny in a very tiny thong[I wish she had taken the thong off,but I digress]and a brief look at her small tits,the hiny peeks are better,she's got back-boy,does she,and I'm glad we all got to see it!! Definitely THE best reason to see this movie!!

BushLeague was written on January 20, 2002

Lesbian scene

Besides showing tits, she has a big firm round ass in a thong and it is showed briefly many times. She also has large muscular thighs (weight lifting, or Tai-Bo(R)?) which almost destroys the effect, but her but is so big it just compensates.

fearme74 was written on November 23, 2008

thong scene

You get to see Lisa topless in a thong while kissing Denise.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 16, 2005

Topless Lesbian Amber

She plays a hot lesbian at summber cottage. You get to see her breast in clear view and you get to see her nice brown nipples for a good while. A pretty girl with a nice top half. A great funny scene.

oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Small breasts and even smaller nipples

Lisa looked the younger of the two alleged lesbians. Great butt and body but her nipples were shown all too brief both in terms of time visible and in size.

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