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Westwood, Chris 1 Review
Perry, Carolyn 1 Review
Malick, Wendie 1 Review
Loren, Sophia 1 Review
Capshaw, Kate 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Little Sex, A member submitted

Chris Westwood
Immy was written on August 4, 2008

Topless (0:44)

Chris plays a bathtub model in an on-set commercial shoot. Director Tim Matheson tells everyone to take five and as he talks on the phone Chris gets out of the tub, as well as another crew member dressed in scuba gear who jokingly pulls down the front of her silver swimsuit. Her small boobs are seen briefly but it's a little blurry. She doesn't even mind and playfully bops him on the head.

Carolyn Perry
Immy was written on August 4, 2008

Full frontal (0:33)

Recently married Tim Matheson is trying to stay faithful but he sees hot babes everywhere. When he looks out his bedroom window he sees Carolyn vacuuming naked in the apartment across the way.

Wendie Malick
Immy was written on August 4, 2008

Boob slip?

Wendie supposedly has a boob slip in one scene. She's wearing an unfastened robe but as she bends toward the camera nothing seems exposed. Someone with an early VHS copy might want to give this another look. I suspect some tampering since Steven Spielberg was rumored to have removed wife Kate Capshaw's shower scene nudity.

Sophia Loren
MisterGreen was written on May 8, 2005

Not in this movie!

Not in this movie!!!!

Kate Capshaw
Spaceman was written on December 26, 1999

Hot Ass

What a quick scene this is, nevertheless, you get a lot out of it. It is pretty obvious that Kate's lovely fundament is seen in this shot, after she shoves something hot down her boyfriend's pants. However, you can also see a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt. I would have given this seen 4 stars, but it's just so brief. Rats!!

nuditylover was written on July 31, 2001

a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt

a bit of vulva (or bush) as well when she jumps up wearing only a T-shirt

Mikey123 was written on June 24, 1999

Bare Buns

Kate flashes some bare buns in a nightshirt while running away from her husband. The nightshirt flies up and she is not wearing any underwear. A tremendous set of buns, but kind a disappointing movie nudity-wise considering it was made by Playboy.

taurus was written on May 9, 2006

Butt flash

For those reviewers who don't know what their time clock is for, the scene is at :11. A highly overrated scene in my opinion, but there isn't much around with her nudity.

Swabjockey was written on November 27, 2001

Kate in T-Shirt

Not bad but all too 'brief.'

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