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1979 Madicken 2 Reviews

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Madicken (1979)
cybordemon was written on January 8, 2006

Jumping around naked

Film opens with Joanna and Liv getting out of their night gowns, running naked around their room. Later they are naked in the lake, along with two other girls, also naked. Full frontal and rear nudity in both scenes.

boggleeyes was written on August 7, 2006

Opening sequence

Liv plays the younger sister to Jonna (Madita or Madicken depending which language you watch in) and in the opening sequence the two sisters play a game of 'copy me' led by the eldest who takes off her nightgown, copied by the youngest, and they run around the room jumping over the beds, then play trampoline on the bed, then jump down and sit on stools facing the camera and start to dress. 360 degree nudity.

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