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Shannon Murphy
lwc was written on May 2, 2008

Also topless in the morgue

She's topless in the bath, in the morgue and finally, she's topless in a picture cops show to her female relative to ask about the deceased. And the cops don't even make one obligatory sexist joke about any of this (a-la Bad Boyz II), maybe because she only has an average pair...

JohnnyR was written on November 7, 2007

Murder victim

Shannon is the first murder victim. There is a brief view of her breasts as she is lying dead in a bath full of bloody water.

Alice Krige
JohnnyR was written on November 7, 2007


Alice is on top of Jared Leto having sex. There are a couple of good views of her breasts until Salma Hayek stoves her head in with a hammer and then another brief shot of her lying dead on the floor.

LeroyBrown was written on January 6, 2009

Topless while having sex

As described by previous reviewer, all I can add is that her upper torso is very sinewy. Just a star and a half.

Wolframpau was written on October 27, 2016

Hot Nipular Action

Alice is hot and sweaty in her sex scene with Leto. While we do not see her face, it's clear those long, pointy nips belong to Alice. Too bad her character bites the dust in the midst of the sex scene.

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