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1994 Bad Blood 2 Reviews
1991 Night of the Warrior 1 Review

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Bad Blood (1994)
cieloman was written on March 28, 2002

Love scene in the barn

A must see for all Lamas' fans! The scene is too short and dark but we can see his great butt while he's making love.
Lorenzo Lamas was often seen shirtless but rarely (or never) without his pants ;-)Not to miss!!!
And he looks gorgeous in this movie :-P

ThaiBoy was written on January 1, 2003

no butt scene

Just a normal topless show of Lorenzo. No even single scene of butt show. Since I have seen many movies of him, it seems like he never shows his butt in any movies. After I read the previous review here, I rushed to get the video and found nothing exciting. Very disappointing.

Night of the Warrior (1991)
GDH was written on December 25, 1999

Don't waste your money...

Although there are many shots of Lamas' sexy rangy body topless, 'nudity' doesn't really come into it: in a sex scene with Kathleen Kinmont he appears to be nude, but the camera is placed at their heads, her legs are in the way and it's all lit with an odd green light; you don't see anything. Sod it!

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