Lorissa McComas' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Raptor 4 Reviews
2001 Love Games 6 Reviews
2001 Hard as Nails 1 Review
2001 Bare Wench Project, The 5 Reviews
1998 When Passions Collide 5 Reviews
1998 Undercurrent 1 Review
1998 Testing the Limits 4 Reviews
1997 Strap-On Adventure 2 Reviews
1997 Live Nude Shakespeare 1 Review
1996 Penthouse: The Art of Massage 0 Reviews
1996 Hindsight 1 Review
1995 Wish Me Luck 2 Reviews
1995 Virtual Desire 3 Reviews
1995 Stormswept 2 Reviews
1995 Sinful Intrigue 1 Review
1995 Lap Dancing 7 Reviews
1995 Droid Gunner 1 Review
1978 Piranha 2 Reviews
1800 Back Door, The 1 Review

Lorissa McComas' Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1995 Sherman Oaks 1 Review
1995 Piranha 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Lorissa McComas member submitted

Sherman Oaks (1995)
Silverfish was written on September 2, 2003

porn star

lorissa appears in one episode as a porn star, a friend of tiffany's (heather elizabeth parkhurst). she and tiffany sunbathe topless, and she appears in a softcore sex scene, while she is "at work" on the set of a film.

Piranha (1995)
Ghostwords was written on March 29, 2011

Skinny dipping

In the very first scene of this tv remake, Ms McComas goes skinny dipping with her (clothed) boyfriend. She's a well-endowed girl, with plenty of flesh all around. We get several lengthy shots of her breasts, both front-on and from the side, plus one very dark full frontal view as she runs towards the water; however, I'm not entirely convinced she doesn't have some form of public covering.

Ghostwords was written on August 13, 2012


There appear to be two versions of this tv movie. It's the DVD release (which has also shown up on late night UK tv) which features nudity.

Raptor (2001)
tickledick was written on May 17, 2006

Scene length confirmed

I checked a re-run of the movie on the Horror Channel. This scene lasts close to 8 minutes. Nothing but them screwing, with her in the riding position the whole time.

tickledick was written on April 15, 2006

Full frontal

I must have seen an unedited version on the Horror Channel (UK). I disagree with GuyMannDude and chazpanther, on two counts. The scene was softcore length. It went on and on. As usual, the scene was a mixture of head shots, waist high and medium shots, alternating between Lorissa and the guy. On at least four of the medium shots, I got a clear view of bush (shaved pencil thin). Her tits, by the way, are faker than the action figure raptor.

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Sex in truck

:13 Lorissa is having sex in the back of a pick-up truck. She gives a nice quick shot of her big round breasts and really erect small nipples.

GuyMannDude was written on December 31, 2001

Topless before dino attack

Lorissa is very briefly topless playing around with her boyfriend in the back of a pickup before the dino kills him. Not recommended even for die-hard Lorissa fans. The producers should have paid super-stacked Melissa Brasselle to take off her top instead.

Love Games (2001)
zax1 was written on November 23, 2001

Hot little cutie!

In the first scene of the movie, Lorissa is making love with her husband. She's jumping up and down on him. Her breasts are visible and also her butt. As she goes off the guy her pubic hair is shown clearly. Later in the movie she's the first that try a love game. She's lying next to a pool wearing a red bikini. A guy starts to reveal her breasts and kisses them. Then he pulls off her panties and Lorissa turns around. The guy licks her soft and cute butt. They switch and Lorissa pulls off the guy's clothing and gives him some oral pleassure with a nice close-up of her cute butt, till she rides him. She really does some nice sounds while she jumps on the guy. Nice to see her lovely butt go up and down. This scene is very hot, but it's a stupid strobe-type-ofquality on it which makes it go slower than usual motions. I'm sure Lorisa does some more sex, but I haven't seen it myself.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Riding a guy in bed

Lorissa McComas' body is absolutely gorgeous! Her tight, curvy body is enough to get any guy's blood boiling. She is a pleasure to watch. That being said, she is really a bad actress. Still, you don't watch this kind of movie for the acting. In this scene she is naked on top of a buy in bed, riding him passionately. Her glorious breasts bounce gently with the motion and she lets out all sorts of moans and groans. When she gets off the guy it's obvious that he's still wearing his underwear. Still, Lorissa is just so damn hot and she shows off her goods in this scene.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Touching, kissing, and sex on a chaise lounger

Lorissa and a buff guy are getting hot and heavy outside. While she lays on a chaise lounger he helps undress her until she's completely naked. He kisses and touches her magnificent body all over, and then she gets on all fours and he licks her tight, round ass. Lorissa pushes the guy onto the chair and removes his shorts. She then gets on top of him and rides him enthusiastically as he continues to grope her. Lorissa, as always, looks absolutely sizzling. Unfortunately there is really annoying background music and the acting is horrible. Just keep your eyes and mind on Lorissa, however, and you'll get over it.

GuyMannDude was written on February 18, 2000

two scenes

The film centers around a 'game' given to some young lovers which allows the player to experience vivid virtual sexual experiences. Lorisssa's experience is having sex with someone at poolside. She's just such a cutie -- and look at those breasts! Later, she starts fooling around with gal pal Sage Kirkpatrick. They kiss on the lips and each other's bare breasts before Sage realizes she doesn't really want to do this. Oh, this could have been such a hot scene if allowed to continue!

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Lesbian groping scene

Lorissa and her neighbor (Laura Palmer, AKA Sage Kirkpatrick) reveal their breasts and feel each other up. Lorissa's rack is absolutely perfect.

rocco-rules was written on May 3, 2005

Nice rear view

I saw a still from this movie which shows her on all fours while she's oralling the guy in the chaise lounge. It's a fairly close shot of her butt from behind, complete with p-lips and anus. Can't say how long the view lasts ... I can't seem to find an Unrated copy of this flick for a decent price.

Hard as Nails (2001)
Bruinsfan was written on November 26, 2001

topless stripping

She does a full dance and strip in a strip club. She only goes topless though. There is no full frontal in the movie by anyone. Very nice strip sceene though. She gets down to a G-String.

Bare Wench Project, The (2001)
Chicago was written on February 11, 2001


For most of the movie, Lorissa (as the dingy "Lori") wears see-through purple lingerie, so she's partially nude more than the others and throughout the movie. At :09, Lori flashes the camera briefly, showing her large (enhanced) breasts. At :12-:13.5, all the girls' tops come off ("too hot") and they start bouncing/rubbing their breasts on each others'. At :16.75, she has a f/f with Nikki under a tree where her breasts are being kissed by her. At :26.75, she does a brief strip (topless) by the burning fire with the other girls. At :44.5-46, there's a fairly long scene where all the girls strip at the river At :47-:47.5, she shows her unthonged ass (and brief bush) as she walks to pee. At :57.75-:59.25, there's a scene in a tent where all the girls rip off their shirts (flashlit but decent). She plays an obnoxiously energetic character, but she has a good body. Despite the camera action (movement, no extended views) and low eroticism factors, you get some good shots.

NekkidChix was written on October 4, 2000


Mostly nude throughout. Flashing breasts. Full nude in shallow river. Breast-to-breast rubbing with Nikki Fritz. Labia peeking around the edge of the crotch in her lingerie several times.

secretreview was written on August 20, 2002

whole movie

Throughout several points in this movie, she is seen topless, however, the scenes that should be the most erotic are ruined because of the very large scars on the bottoms of her breasts from her breast implants. This movie is not worth it in any sense.

Bruinsfan was written on June 6, 2001

Unrated version

There are two versions of this movie. The unrated and rated. In the unrated version Lorissa is shown fully nude and a few times you can see lips. In the stream she is shown totally nude with lips. The scene with Nikki Fritz is much longer in the unrated and there are jokes that they are filming a porno that are cut out of the rated version.

rocco-rules was written on January 29, 2005

Lips & nips

(Unrated version) Lorissa shows us her pussy lips in three different scenes. First in the tent on their first night. She spreads her legs and her shaven lips can be seen peeking out from her thong panties for a second or two. She gets up on all fours and she gives us a nice rear view, with lips peeking out again, as well as the dark shadow of her anus. Lastly, she shows us her pretty pussy while cavorting in the river. It's usually from a high angle, but occassionally the camerman get down low enough so we can see the goods. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you can see her luscious (though enhanced) boobs, crowned with perpetually erect tiny nipples, throughout most of this fun flick.

When Passions Collide (1998)
Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

A couple of other scenes...

This film and "Testing the Limits" are Lorissa'a most satisfying nudity. Along with the scenes already described here, she spends several minutes lolling around in, and posing on the edge of, the jacuzzi. She starts out in a skimpy bikini, but it's soon history. Good full nudity. Then her boyfriend shows up, (he looks like a giant version of Bruce Campbell), and they have a wet and soapy session of sex in the roomy, well-lit shower. If you like hot breasts smushed up against shower doors, check out this scene.

Chicago was written on April 12, 2001

6 scenes

While it takes her a while to show up in the movie, she gets naked 6 times in ~30 min! At :38.25-:41.5, Lorissa gets naked in the hot tub--breasts, ass, mohawk bush. Though much of the scene is through steam, it's pretty decent. She then starts to masturbate (camera from straight down through water) but actually kind of mild. More full frontal above the water when her boyfriend shows up. At :43-:45.5, she gets sexed by her boyfriend in the shower--breasts, bush, ass--as she gets it seated and doggie style. Good bouncing (as much as implants will) breasts and full frontal when pressed against shower door. At :52.5-:56, Lorissa has full frontal through water during a f/f with Kristen that fizzles on camera...not terribly well lit. At :56.75-:57.75 she tries seducing the guy by baring her left breast in the bedroom. At 1:03-1:04, she tries again in the bathroom...this time by taking her panties off, rubbing his hand over her bush and asking him if he wants to shave her. She then goes full nudity giving excellent views of her. At 1:08-1:11.75, she has her rubbing money on her and her boyfriend sex scene--full frontal with great close-ups from various angles. Great to see no hand-cover jobs!!!

zax1 was written on February 23, 2002

She doesn't know how to disappoint...

After 30 minutes Lorissa entrers the movie. Her first nude appearance is in a steamy hot tub. She slowly takes off her bikini and reveals her breasts, butt and pubic hair as she caresses her beautiful body till her boyfriend shows up. When she's about to kiss him her butt is showing and she turns around and shows her pubics one more time before jumping into the water. Later she takes a shower with him and stands behind him. She's showing everything all the time throughout the scene. There's a great close-up of her butt when she's about to sit down in his lap and getting real close. The pace gets faster when the sit on the floor and she jumps up and down really fast. She also hangs on him and doing it in the same pace. The scene ends with her front is gertting pressed against the classdoor. There's a great close-up on her pubics moving up to her breasts. Lorissa sits in a hot tub and Kristen walks into it. Lorissa's breasts are showing and also some pubics underneath the water. The nudty is focused on her. She later tries to seduce Kristen's boyfriend by revealing her breasts. She's only wearing a big shirt and there's a glimpse of her pubics as she leaves the bed. Her next try is in the bathroom as she pulls off her panties and reveals her pubics and pulls up her shirt showing her breasts. Later while talking with her boyfriend she's topless untill they bring out money and do her best sex scene in the movie. There are many great full frontal shots of her while she's on top and a some nice close-ups of her breasts and pubics. After jumping a little they get into the missionary. Then there's a single shot of her naked front again while riding and then he's taking her from behind on all four. Some of her butt crack is showing and then the scene ends. Lorissa has the ability to look cute and innocent at the same time as she's being sexy and naughty. She's great and is looking beautiful as always and contributes to the great result of this sexy and entertaining movie.

dogbreath was written on November 9, 2000

one scene

Unrated version. Another scene which stars Lorissa occurs late in the movie. Fully nude making love on a bed covered with money. You get some decent full frontal shots of her on top, the camera jumps a bit too quickly here but decent enuff. A hot momma.

BaltimoreBob was written on March 14, 2000

What a hotty!

Lorissa plays a woman who drops in on two couples staying at a mutual friend's luxurious house for the weekend. She quickly arouses the men, and entices one of the women into embracing her latent bisexuality. The scene in a hot tub with the other woman is very hot. Lorissa spreads her legs, although the swirling water keeps us from seeing too much for an R-rated movie, and then she masturbates.

Undercurrent (1998)
scanman was written on October 8, 2001

Topless dance in a club

Lorissa does a topless dance in some club Lorenzo Lamas is visiting. Too bad she didn't get a bigger part. She's the highlight of the movie!

Testing the Limits (1998)
Chicago was written on June 5, 2001

6 AWESOME SCENES – The BEST nudity, which is saying something in this movie!

Know-it-all is dead on! If you think Brandy’s scenes are hot, wait til you see Lorissa’s! It would take me too long to describe all of Lorissa’s nudity here, so let me give just the highlights: :10.25-:13.5 (puts out for pushy, clingy idiot, erotic!, full nudity, nice lick of breasts/nips); :27.5-:28.75 (photo shoot shows Everything including lips! with long close-ups…SMOKIN’!); :39-:40 (full nude photo shoot in squaw outfit, pubes w/ lips close-ups…SMOKIN’!); :44-:47.75 (full nudity, Brandy dusts makeup on nips, lips close-up…nice!); 1:07.25-1:15 (full nude getting in pool naked with Brandy, guy directs photo shoot, f/f w/ Brandy turns to f/f/m…HOT!). 1:23.25-1:27.5 (sex w/ guy in tent at night, full nudity…not her best scene but it had stiff comparison!) Bottom line…WATCH IT!

Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

So much to see...

Lorissa is nude wonderfully and repeatedly in this one. If you are a fan, you owe it to yourself to catch this. She has several GREAT photography sessions: full nudity, very full nudity. They all have a Western theme: a saloon girl, an Indian girl (by a stream, just excellent), and a cowgirl. She has an utterly outstanding scene which I described in the Brandy Davis entry. She and Brandy start out being photographed in the hot tub by Brandy's husband. They quicky begin enjoying each other's company (breast sucking and nibbling), and then get out to deal the husband in. They then have a great threesome on the patio. A small cute blonde, and a generously endowed (I know she's got implants, I'm talking about her hips) brunette tag teaming him: pretty much every guy's fantasy. Quality soft-core eroticism.

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

What happened here?

In my version, her part appears to be extremely truncated. She is fully nude and shows udders, big hart shaped ass during some simu-sex. Later she is posing with a pool cue and gives brief breasts with a long shot of her small puffy pussy lips with "Hitler mustache" pubic do. Brief perfect fun balloons when brandy gets into hot tub with her.

AgentX was written on May 5, 2001

Various scenes

Photo sessions of Lorissa are Hot, beautiful, sensuous,stunning, and gorgeous. Theer is also a playful perfessionalism too. Then this describes Lorissa too. Lorissa is seductively dressed and undressed in different costumes, including an indian maid. Lorissa,the costumes, and use of outdoor settings, including the waterfall was intensely arousing and sensuous. Lorissa and Brandy`s photo shoot together in the pool was an extra sensuous bonus.

Strap-On Adventure (1997)
BrianSLA was written on August 18, 2003

Basically a XXX scene but NO GUY ( boo ! )

This is one of Lorissa's Sexsymboldynasty videos. I finally broke down after many years and after just watching a Lorissa softcore cable movie and bought two ( $160 ! ) from the site. Anyway the Strap-On Adventure is the better of the two. It stars Lorissa and Julie K. Smith ( wearing a black leather dominatrix wig ). Julie just goes to town on Lorissa and at one point brings out a very large dildo.... Lorissa sees it and gasps " YOU'RE GOING TO FU*K ME WITH THAT ! ". And yes she does. Lorissa blows the big dildo for a few precious seconds ( I wanted more ) and then Julie starts F'ing her with it. It is HUGE and little Lorissa is in some pain to take even a little of it. Lorissa then goes doggy and Julie does her from behind. This video you get to see Lorissa's GLORIOUS cookie and her cookie being eaten out, F'ed, etc. Lorissa even does herself w/ a little thin but long vibrator. GREAT VID for Lorissa fans. Of the two Lorissa vids.... this one is the keeper.... the other one sucked. I only WISH she did a guy for REAL.... that would have been much better but this is all Lorissa fans will get.

kelkelmomma was written on October 22, 2008


I feel sorry for anyone who paid a dime for her movie. I have seen her site and all the $ she paid for her chest she could have used to fix her face...NOT a pretty lady, nice body, yes, something anyone with $ can do...

Live Nude Shakespeare (1997)
Gordon was written on November 6, 2000

Shakespeare in the buff

This movie is a fake documentary detailing a group of women who perform Shakespeare in the nude, because according to them that's the way it's supposed to be done. It's really a pretty silly concept, and it drags on at points. Still, there are lots of hot naked bodies, with Lorissa being the foremost. She is the epitome of sexual beauty, with her lean, toned body and her buxom breasts. Shakespeare would have been a lot more interesting in hight school lit class if Lorissa had been teaching it! As good as Lorissa looks, it doesn't quite desereve 4 stars because she's not it it all the time and there's no simulated sex.

Penthouse: The Art of Massage (1996)
Hindsight (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on November 4, 2002

Masturbation lessons

At :49 she straddles Ken Steadman and unbuttons her blouse, showing her breasts for a few seconds before Cyndi Pass interrupts.

Wish Me Luck (1995)
Gordon was written on September 8, 2000

Brief nudity

As the other reviewer says, Lorissa doesn't show up a whole lot in this film, which is rather disappointing since she has one of the best bodies in showbiz and an ultra sweet face. The brief looks you get at her wonderful breasts and butt are great, but just not long enough to merit many stars.

Starduster was written on July 20, 1999

Brief breasts and buns, twice in middle of film

Her appearance here is little more than a cameo. Consider it an extra added attraction for the film, but there are better tapes of this popular, buxom, brunnette.McComas also did modeling for men's mags early in her career, and some of the pics were quite explicit. Not porn, but a lot of open shots.

Virtual Desire (1995)
Antman was written on December 4, 1999

Two scenes

It's always a pleasure to review any scene featuring the beautiful Ms McComas. (43 min) A quick peek off her breasts in a scene that foreshadows the full scene 14 minutes later. (57 minutes) Topless after doing a nice slow striptease at the dining room table in front of a guy. Fully nude as the have sex in the living room. Includes some awesome shots of Lorissa looking right into the camera as the guy gives it to her from behind. One of my all time favorite nude scenes!

zax1 was written on July 13, 2001

Cutie gets taken from behind!

Lorissa is really sweet in this movie, almost innocent. She strips out of her clothes and then has some great sex with a guy. She sits on the guy's lap as he licks her breasts and puts his hand on her butt. She also gets taken from behind, while leaning on a table. At one point she stares right into the camera as she gets it from behind. Really sexy and so damned cute!!!

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Stripping and getting it real good

This actress is just gorgeous and HOT! She does a long, sexy striptease for her man, revealing her trim, shapely body (her ample, perfectly-shaped breasts are awesome!) They then get it on for an extended and steamy sex scene. There's a lot of good looks at Lorissa from different angles, and it's great to see her riding him and getting it from behind, her marvelous body writhing in pleasure the whole time. This woman (and this scene) is just a delight to behold. Check her out!!!

Stormswept (1995)
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Very brief scenes

If you are a fan, don't see this film for her nudity, unless you want completness--no scene lasts longer than 5-10 sec.s of skin time. After geeting horny and fingering herself under her clothes, the girl she is in bed with pulls down her top and reveals those perfectly silicone honed Persian melons. There is a little lite finger sliding and the scene ends. In another scene she drops her clothes to full nude and her shiny globes and perfect heart shaped ass, ass well as glass tight hour glass figure are shown slightly darkened for a few seconds.

Antman was written on September 18, 1999

Two scenes

The first scene is a topless scene in bed with another girl. The second scene is fully nude after taking off a robe. This woman is incredibly beautiful.

Sinful Intrigue (1995)
Immy was written on May 8, 2007

Nude (0:31)

Lorissa has an awesome lez scene with Heather Ward. Lorissa's had too much to drink and stays over Heather's house. Time for a sexy session in front of the fire! Heather takes off Lorissa's bra and panties and they go at it. Great close-ups of her boobs (nips get plenty of oral attention) and some brief muff. Wow!

Lap Dancing (1995)
Cyclone was written on December 5, 1999

Naked a lot

Lorissa gets naked many times throughout the film, and she looks very good indeed. Her youthful, innocent face makes her body look even better than it already is. I would've liked a few more frontal shots of her breasts, but all things considered, her scenes are terrific.

Antman was written on June 30, 1999

Several nude scenes

This girl has a fantastic body and she's not shy about showing it. The best of her nude scenes in this movie is a long strip tease about an hour into the movie. What a beautiful woman!

AgentX was written on May 18, 2001

Women`s Lapdance

Lorissa`s lapdance for a guy`s wife was sensuous,volcanic,and arousing. This scene would start a fire in everyone on and off screen.

BushLeague was written on August 31, 2002

Hard to count them

She wants more than "missionary with the lights off"--so she tries missionary with the lights on! She almost rapes some guy and gives several quick flashes of her silicone heart shaped ass and tits--nothing like any genital contact is shown. Bra Busting time--she strips to bra and panties and thong and then just to thong to audition for lap dancing job--more brief flashes of buns and tits from the side. She gets the job--duh! Does her first lap dance--is in white bikini top and thong. Brief shot of both ass cheeks in thong then she removes bra. Her friend then "pinch hits" for her. If you like that sort of thing, brief mini skirt hike up from front after watching her girl friend make love--just pantied triangle. Brief thonged butt shot, slightly dark, as she applies make up in mirror. Does a lap dance with customer's wife. More darkened boobs and thonged ass. Finally removes panties to make love to blind guy. Very brief unthonged ass from rear and even briefer tit shots from side. The play director complains about all the actresses with big tits that can't act--well the real director hired them all for this film. This film does not lie! Lap dancers and strippers galore, mostly in thongs, sometimes bottomless, but no bush shots I could see. Nothing this good since "Fear City".

BushLeague was written on August 31, 2002

Possible strip on stage

One additional scene may have been partially body doubled. Sometimes there is a close up of her face and tits only, but while dancing in a "balletic" style (wont be joining the Bolshoi any time soon", long shots that don't reveal the face are given. Eventually goes completely nude, with no bush scene. Tits and ass.

Shootfghtr was written on January 24, 1999


She is naked throughout this movie and you won't believe this woman's body!!!!!!!!!! In-freakin-credible!!!!!Innocent face too. Go figure....SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

crazy was written on January 17, 2000


she's the only good looking one in this whole movie - no naturally breasted woman here. Her sex scenes though very hot were frustrating cause of all the short cuts and quick fades....see Virtual Desire for a better flick of this chic

Droid Gunner (1995)
Immy was written on April 19, 2009


Tasty Lorissa is the main Pleasure Droid in this sci-fi flick. We first see her when all four droids are shown relaxing in a plush room (0:09, topless, she introduces herself as Moria). Then when Matthias Hues has them on his spaceship they all try to seduce him by doffing their tops (0:13, topless, she's all the way on the left). She even gets a chance to entice hero Marc Singer by again showing off her hooters (1:06, lowering her dress).

Piranha (1978)
Ghostwords was written on March 29, 2011

Wrong Movie

Ms McComas was not in the 1978 version of Piranha, but the 2005 tv movie remake (although there appear to have been two versions, one for tv and one - with nudity - for the DVD release).

Cyclone was written on August 29, 2001

Swimming in the nude

In the opening minutes of the film, Lorissa decides she wants to go skinny-dipping. Unfortunately for us, the lighting is not particularly good, but we do get several decent views of her beautiful tits, and just a bit of her butt. She actually gives us brief full frontal exposure as well, but because of the lighting, it's tough to see much. Too bad, because she has a cute face and an excellent body.

Back Door, The (1800)
BrianSLA was written on August 18, 2003

Again a XXX lesbian scene

This is the 2nd Lorissa Sexsymboldynasty.com video I bought. The site said it was " one of Lorissa's hardest videos "..... and it is but The Strap On Adventure is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better Lorissa Lovers video. I wouldn't pay the $69 I paid for it again if given the choice. The Strap On Adventure was much better and filled my Lorissa XXX cravings until she does hardcore w/ a Guy which will probably be NEVER... unfortunately. Anyway Lorissa gets done by Marilyn Miller. She gets eaten out & vibrated. Alot of other stuff... again Strap On Adventure IMHO is much better / satifying.

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