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Scarlett Johansson
Balrog was written on August 19, 2003

see through butt

Scarlett Johansson looks so beautiful and hot in this film and if you don't believe me watch the trailer now (P.S: The film is awesome too).

Now the film opens on Scarlett's butt, she is wearing panties but they are very see thru, you can clearly see what an awesome butt she has.
This girl needs to do nudity sooooo badly!!!

retroguy was written on November 19, 2005

ass fans ahoy!

there are 2 scenes which are a must for any fan of rear ends. both occur in the first quarter of the film. firstly, in the very opening shot, Scarlett's amazing butt is seen in close up, through see-through pink panties. It could be a double, but the bum certainly resembles Scarlett's, which can be seen a little later.

In the latter scene she is walking around her hotel room. Again in see-through panties. This is probably the best ass in Hollywood. Please, i implore you, check this out! she has a really full, shapely rear. Her acting is quite good (although her expressions basically go from A to B - giggling or philosophical nonchalence) but if nothing else, the thing she uses to sit on should ensure she has a successful career for many years to come.

BushLeague was written on November 21, 2005

Reality Check

Only a sliver of her butt cheeks hangs out of her panties. Her butt is nowhere on the order of, say, Brinke Stevens.

If we give 3***s for a non-seethru t-shirt and hokey panties, we may as well give 4****s to Annette Funicello.

Michiganmoviecritic was written on April 17, 2006

Opening scene of the movie

Dear BushLeague:
If you truly believe Brinke Stevens' aging, undersized butt is superior to the divine Scarlett's cheeks made in Heaven, you are sorely in need of an opthamology exam!
On the topic of Ms. Johansson's mulitudinous assets: Not only must this girl do nudity, but it's perfectly obvious from some of her recent comments that she WANTS to do nudity. The major stumbling block: Will a Hollywood currently in the grip of retro puritanism allow it?

Cumfiend was written on April 16, 2005

Ass through pretty pretty panties

I sat down to watch this movie and had a box of popcorn on my lap. I was not expecting to see a nice ass shot. As soon as I saw it, I experienced a ball bag overload and shot my kids out about 10 feet. I don't think the old lady sitting in front of me expected a cream shower.

StevieW was written on February 4, 2004

See through Scarlett

In the opening scene of this film,Scarlett Johansson is lying in bed wearing see through underwear and you can see what a great hiny she has,later on she walks around in revealing pink panties,she has great legs and feet too,we need to see her fully nude in a film,I hope it happens soon!!

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