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1988 Tusks 2 Reviews

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1983 Hitchhiker, The 1 Review
1980 Hammer House of Horror 1 Review

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Hitchhiker, The (1983)
12-string was written on April 4, 2001


Ep[isode "In the Name of Love" casts her as professional assassin with a couple of loose screws. Wearing prom dress, she exposes her breasts while fantasizing about high school heartthrob. A couple more breasts shots making out with Greg Evigan, in a car and then in a hotel room. Good body, don't really get to see enough of it.

Hammer House of Horror (1980)
DeMan was written on February 2, 2002

Nipple glimpse in phone booth

In episode 3, "Rude Awakening," Denholm Elliott stars as a man who keeps having recurring nightmares...every time he thinks he's woken up, it turns out to be another dream. Lucy Gutteridge plays his secretary, who has a different hairstyle and fashion sense in each dream. At one point, Denholm is standing in a phone booth when Lucy walks in on him, wearing a beret and a black raincoat. She opens the coat and reveals she's naked underneath. Unfortunately, there is only a fleeting glimpse of her right nipple before they embrace, blocking any further view of her breasts.

Tusks (1988)
snowdog was written on September 15, 1999


Nice breasts for the star of top secret

Chicago was written on August 29, 2001

1 bath scene

Lucy has a topless scene at :21.25 in the movie for 30 sec. She is taking a somewhat sudsy bath in a metal tub/washbasin. Her knees are hiked up fairly close to her chest, but not so much so you can't see her hand-cup sized breasts as the camera pans from right to left...nice views. Unfortunately, the 30 sec. scene is made shorter with cuts to the monkey jumping around the tent...further, the only bush you see is that of the African wilderness. That said, she's an attractive woman to view.

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