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1996 Normal Life 2 Reviews

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2007 John from Cincinnati 1 Review
2002 Jeremiah 2 Reviews
1997 Oz 4 Reviews

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John from Cincinnati (2007)
Ozzie700 was written on August 4, 2007


In a late July episode, Luke drops his pants partway and shows half of his rear end. He still looks as creamy and fresh as ever.

Jeremiah (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on March 3, 2002

Skinny Dipping in Premiere

In an early scene, there's a brief moment of a totally nude Perry jumping into a lake. I'm not sure if it's a body double or not (they go to great pains not to show his face), but that looks like his firm cheeks that were so deliciously displayed on "Oz" last year. You may also be able to see his penis in motion as he dives in. The scene is short, from a distance, and is typical of Showtime's prick-tease nudity policy. "Full Frontal" indeed. Stick to HBO series for far better quality and nudity, and find Luke's humiliation nudity on "Oz" if you want to see ALL of him.

Ozzie700 was written on May 12, 2002


I've since heard that it's a body double, which does make sense, given the diving into murky water scenes. I guess I was hoping against hope.

Oz (1997)
BrianSLA was written on April 23, 2001

The Full Monty on OZ

All the female fans & Gay guys of 90210 should love this episode. Luke Perry walks fully nude from the showers to his cell. Nice size.

cuppy was written on March 10, 2007


Extended frontal and rear walking through prison from showers (Season 4 Episode 16)

Reno was written on February 24, 2001

Humiliation in the shower

Season 4.2, episode 40, "Famous Last Words". Perry's towel is taken from him in the shower, so he must go back to his quarters nude -- past all those jeering inmates. HIGHLIGHTS: The scene starts with his nude upper buttocks. Then when his towel is taken he heads for the doors without it, just his handy Bible. As the nude stud makes his way to the doors we don't even allow ourselves to dream that the producers would show more. Too much to ask for? Yeah, that's what I thought. So as he nears the glass double doors, their center frames split obscure our view of the TOTAL Luke. But wait! The camera doesn't cut away when he opens the doors, revealing a nice willie! PERRY DELIVERS THE GOODS! In an instant he is catapulted into an exclusive class: mainstream Hollywood actors who have gone whole hog on screen. And folks you saw it on "Oz". Way to go, Luke! Hope to see MORE of him next season. Note: Already a gorgeous actor, the wet look (ringlets of hair dripping water) adds to his appeal.

bilfic was written on February 28, 2001

extended full frontal

There is a good view of Luke walking dripping wet out of the shower, although the camera is kept at some distance. He can be seen in the altogether: a trim body and a medium-sized circumcised weenie. Courageous for a mainstream actor.

Normal Life (1996)
yowza was written on September 8, 1999

Underwear pulled down

There are many love scenes where Perry remains clothed. In one scene his wife pulls his shorts down. I only gave it one star, as it's seen while you're looking down his back, and then very briefly. You don't really get a good look at his butt at all - very unsatisfying.

Eric was written on September 20, 1998

Love Scene

Nice scene where Luke perry is on top of female and she pulls down his white boxer-briefs. Get to see his butt. Very nice.

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