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Tony Marsiglia

Lust for Dracula's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wells, Julian 1 Review
Mundae, Misty 1 Review
Jones, Shelly 2 Reviews
Jones, Casey 1 Review
Davis, Andrea 1 Review
Caine, Darian 1 Review

nudity reviews for Lust for Dracula member submitted

Julian Wells
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

couple scenes

her first scene is at 19;00 in where she is humping Misty Mundae you get breasts and butt when she walks away.at 1;10;00 full frontal when Misty discovers that "johnathan"is not a man.

Misty Mundae
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

nude throughout

as in all of her films Misty is nude numerous times doing simulated lesbian sex scenes.there is jusr something about her petit body with small breasts and full bush that made her perfect for her films

Shelly Jones
vizier was written on March 5, 2016


my mistake...this was Casey Jones not Shelley,got the sisters mixed up

vizier was written on May 3, 2015

almost incest

There is a scene about halfway through with Shelly,her sister Casey and Andrea Davis.all 3 are fully naked showing everything.It seems she almost forgot who she was working with as at one point she straddles and almost sits on her little sisters face,pulling up at the last second.There is an interesting commentary from Casey on the experience in the dvd extras section

Casey Jones
sky_blue_waters was written on July 15, 2007

Little left to the imagination

Well first let me say there are very few scenes in this film
where any of the actresses is wearing any clothing at all, and the
few that are here are pretty short. In essence, every actress could
receive 4 stars given the quantity, amount of lighting and
unrestricted display of their more intimate anatomical parts in
this film. I review Casey, so I can add her to the CNDB base.

She starts out in a school girl uniform covered in blood she
quickly removes the uniform, doing this she gives us an extreme
close up of her completely shaved vagina. She showers and meets a
nude Andrea Davis who is her Vampire mentor. A bit later, the two
of them have a masturbation scene, which leaves very little to the
imagination. Later still, Casey goes down on Andrea in a graveyard,
pretty erotic and in full daylight. There are several other scenes
showing her, but you get the general idea of how this film goes.
Casey is not what one would call a classic beauty, but I found her
square jawed face and little pug nose interesting, if not
universally appealing.

Andrea Davis
vizier was written on May 3, 2015

very explicit

In the unrated version there is a scene with her and Casey Jones masturbating to summon Dracula or something.They are totally naked showing everything including labia.Although Andrea is not super hot she has a nice body including large,pierced nipples

Darian Caine
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

nude throughout

she plays Dracula and is nude through the whole film and had several lesbian scenes,mostly with Shelley Jones.nice body,but plays a very weird character

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