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Patty Peturbed
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Egyptian princess in see-thru robe

At 13:20 she comes out from behind a short bookcase and spouts some mystical nonsense. She’s a plump, strawberry blonde, who’s wearing a see-thru dress, a sash around her waist and nothing else. We see her C-cups, and red-bush, at a medium distance, off and on for about 8 minutes in total, while she plays with her boobs and masturbates her pussy, and while Misty arouses the mummy, in her own inimitable way. Ocassionally, the camera gives us a close-up of her pussy while she plays with it, and you can catch a glimpse of her p-lips. At around 00:30:00 we see her again as Misty kisses her and then eats her out before she vanishes !

Misty Mundae
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

One of Misty's most erotic!

In this short Misty is left home alone and discover's her archeologist father's mummy. With the wrapped mummy laying on the floor of her father's study she begins to straddle it. Soon the mummy gets a mummy erection. Misty proceeds to suck his covered mummy hog. She remains clothed during this unfortunately, but after sucking it for a bit she inserts his mummy penis into her and rides him for a bit (still clothed dammit). This part ends with the mummy 'cumming' alive and chasing Misty through the house. She eventually defeats him by disrobing and turning the mummy into a pile of bandages. She heads back into her dad's study once again where she finds a mysterious Egyptian woman there. The two women then proceed to have a lesbian tryst.

rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Panty-less, she awakens the horny mummy !

At 00:01:05 Misty is lying in bed in a see-thru top and black thong panties. She plays with her boobs and then slips a hand down her panties and masturbates briefly. Two minutes in total.

At 00:04:18 Misty strips naked and as she’s pulling her panties off, she flashes her pussy lips for few frames. Then she takes a shower, soaping up her boobs, bush and butt. We get long lingering, wet, soapy views of all three. We are also given long slow pans up and down her full figure. Scene last 5 minutes.

At 00:10:42 she has entered her father’s library and is looking through his books, when she bends over and, from a low angle, show us her panty-less ass, and p-lips for about 8 seconds (probably the longest p-lip exposure she has ever done. It’s a little dark but you can see it all ! I thought I was gonna die … Soon she discovers a long-dead mummy on the floor and crouches down to examine it, giving us a two minute upskirt tease that’s just a little too dark to see anything. She pulls her skirt up just once, to remind us that her panties are nowhere to be found.

At 00:15:20 she lifts her skirt again, showing bush and straddles the mummy. We can also see her bare butt in profile. She pulls her blouse open, exposing her boobs and rubs the mummy’s hand on them.

At 00:17:17 she starts sucking the mummy’s bandaged cock !! for about 10 seconds, before sliding it inside her snatch (simulated, of course). After a couple minutes of this, she slides up towards his head, lifts her skirt again, flashing that hairy beast and sits on the mummy’s face.

At 00:22:10 the cameraman decides he wants a better look at Misty, so he changes our viewpoint to her rear ! We watch her grind her ass & pussy on the mummy’s face from the back !!! Her skirt lifts up a couple of times and I swear you can see something, but upon further review I really can’t say that you see anything (except possibly a black thong).

At 00:26:40 after being cornered by the now-living mummy, Misty strips naked and waits for the mummy to get her. You see her full-frontal for about 2 minutes, then we get a gratuitous full-backal as she returns to the library, and confronts Patty. The two make out and make love for about 4 boring minutes before Patty comes (and goes, poof!), The scene ends with Misty lying nude on her side, facing the camera, looking ravishing.

At 00:34:50 Misty removes a towel from her naked torso and starts dressing herself and then at 00:36:01 she gives us one last beaver shot, as she’s pulling her first stocking on. You can see pink, hairless p-lips for about 2 seconds at a medium distance. Her bare butt is also aired out several times with lingering close-ups, lasting 3 to 4 seconds. I’d marry this girl in a minute !

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