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year title
1995 Affair Play 1 Review
1994 Save Me 4 Reviews
1994 Hard Truth, The 4 Reviews
1994 Brilliant Disguise, A 1 Review
1993 Hour of the Pig, The 3 Reviews
1992 Pleasure Principle, The 2 Reviews
1991 Switch 1 Review
1989 Tales from the Crypt 2 Reviews
1987 Looking for Eileen 1 Review

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Affair Play (1995)
sophiesman was written on August 19, 1999

Great topless/buns scene

I stumbled across this little known Dutch film on German TV, but I do not know for sure whether the German title of the film will the same as for the European/American market. This film shows the everbeautiful Lysette in some of her best topless/nude scenes. There is a long bedroom scene, with close up, long lingering views of her great nipples/pert breasts. Also get a get view of herporcelain, white buns. A must see film if you are a fan

Save Me (1994)
Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

Several nude scenes

I agree with the last reviewer: Lysette has wonderful breasts and an all-around amazing body. She's naked several times in sex scenes with Harry Hamlin. This is one babe worth watching.

sophiesman was written on August 27, 1999

Several nude scenes

I beg to differ from the other review: this film has several, long scenes of nudity involving Lysette Anthony.There are 3 seperate nude scenes and I rate all very highly; 2 lengthy love scene with Harry Hamlin & a nice jacuzzi scene. This beautiful actress has great breasts anda body to die for. If you are a fan, it's a must see.

icebag2 was written on April 1, 2007

Nude everywhere

You remember that scene in Dracula: Dead and Loving It when the undead Lucy tries to lure Steven Weber into having sex with her and he says, “But Lucy, I'm British!” and she shoves her breasts at him and says. “So are these!” That was Lysette Anthony, and you said to yourself, I’d like to get a load of those melons. Well, here they are, and they’re all right - full, nice nips, but a tad saggy. At 40 minutes, she is lying in bed with Harry Hamlin after a night of revelry. He pulls the sheet off her to reveal her breasts in a few close-up shots. Eight minutes later they are naked in a hot tub. She shows her right breast, then both, briefly, as she gets out of the tub. We see a fine head to toe rear view from a distance as she walks away from the tub, and a quartering shot of both breasts that last for a few seconds as she talks to Harry. At 51 minutes they are in front of a fireplace. Harry removes her bra to give us a side view of her right breast. Harry rips open the top of her dress in a stairwell at 1h 02:15 and takes her from behind standing up. She stands against the concrete wall with her arms over her head so we can see her breasts peeking out of her dress. After he is finished, she turns and we finally get a shot of her breasts from the front, a view that shows them off at their best. Her nipples have a delicious rosy orange color. All in all, her nude scenes are good, but too short. There are no lingering views that we would like to have.

Condor was written on February 20, 1999

Several nude scenes

naked in bed with her lover seen from the side and abovenaked sex scene with Harri Hamlin hanging on himbreif ass shot and several breasts as going out of a jacuzzi

Hard Truth, The (1994)
Scan-man was written on February 23, 2001

Sex scene

It's a pretty long sex scene, but it's all very dark. If you're (like me) into making captures.... don't bother with this one... There isn't a single great shot to capture except darkness....
You can see her breasts a couple of times, but that's it!

admirer was written on February 18, 1999

sex scene

she has sex with a guy who is a cop.in the scene you can see her breast& of course her gorgeous body.

Chicago was written on December 7, 2002

1 scene

After having had sex with the same guy twice before with bra and panties remaining on and preventing decent views of her, at :40-:41.25 Lysette (who resembles Sherilyn Fenn) has her bra removed as the guy kisses down her body...breasts in dim lighting but not too bad, especially as he spins her around and lays her down on the couch (views of her large areola). Close and medium-distance shots of her natural breasts with pencil eraser nips as he kisses her breasts and thrusts into her--decent but somewhat dark views.

BOD was written on September 21, 1999

sex scene

The scene was real good. She has quite a body. You can't see frontal view of her while entirely naked, hence only 3 stars for me. Still, 'twas a great scene and the movie ain't that bad.

Brilliant Disguise, A (1994)
sophiesman was written on August 27, 1999

nice love scene

Lysette has a few scenes lounging around in her lingerie (great body!). One love scene to reporton, with good shots of her breasts and buns.

Hour of the Pig, The (1993)
MrKeithTalent was written on September 22, 1999

full frontal

She plays a nutty spoilt girl in this mideavel romp. She flashes a guy by opening up her robe and we are treated to full frontal Lysette. Her well known boobs greet us with a smile, but the real treat is her rarely exposed black bushy bush.

liechti was written on December 24, 2000

full frontal

She gets out of her robe and you can see a full frontal. It's a little bit far away and only a short scene, so only two stars. But Lysette is nice :-)

[email protected] was written on April 27, 2002

1:04-after making the advocate look for her and disturb a weird ceremony, for which he is chased by the guards, she drops her dress when he finds her and lets him see everything.

The 2 views in this scene are not too long and from medium distance, but it's a full frontal from the lovely Ms. Anthony, so I think it's worth about 3 and 1/2 stars; thus the 4-star rating.

Pleasure Principle, The (1992)
admirer was written on February 18, 1999

sex scene

lysette shows off her gorgeous boobs in a sex scenewith peter, she is really pretty & seductive.

Mikee was written on February 21, 1999

Sex scene

She is absolutely gorgeous, and you get a good view of her assets, in a well directed scene of pure sex

Switch (1991)
WhiskeyJack was written on August 11, 1999

Brief topless

Lysette in a jacuzzi. Her nipples bob above the line of the frothing water line a couple of times. She looks fabulous. Then she and the other girls drown the guy they've lured in. Something of a bit part though. The humour's a little hit and miss but there are a few chortle moments providing you've had a beer or two.

Tales from the Crypt (1989)
sophiesman was written on August 27, 1999

two great love scenes

The ex 'Playboy' model never fails to dissapoint her fans. She is looking particularly hot is thisepisode of 'TFTC'. Long, flowing blonde hair and excellent breasts shots. Both love scenes arelong enough to satisfy the most ardent of fans.

[email protected] was written on February 15, 2002

At 0:09:30, the main character of the episode "Forever Ambergris"--1993-- sees her having sex with her boyfriend through a mirror. At 0:25:30, she has sex with the main character, infecting him with the disease that killed her boyfriend.

In the first scene, you get three views of her tits as she rides her man, and in the second one you get a longer one of her on her back(only right breast) and then again a short one of her riding the other guy. In 1993, she must have been the most beautiful actress on Earth. See for yourselves!

Looking for Eileen (1987)
slavedriver was written on February 4, 2003

Full frontal, backal, everythingal

She's totally naked in her bedroom, brushing her hair and walking around. Lengthy scene with nice closeups of her tits. You see it ALL!

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