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1980 Spetters 2 Reviews

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Spetters (1980)
FrenchBoy was written on January 8, 2000

Measuring penis and love scene

Handsome young blond actor, Spanjer is the rightly winner of measurement contest. After he pulls down his pants and underwear, he shows, foregrounf and during all the quite long scene, his big penis and massive balls.Later in the film, he strips naked before make love Fientje (Renée Soutendijk)and give us a nice rear view from head to toe. With slow-motion, you can even see balls between legs. Very cute actor.

dvdcollector was written on September 9, 2002

Good-looking actor gets into bed naked with a woman

Spanjer is the best-looking of the three nude men in this film. Unfortunately the Dutch DVD version of this film I have acquired does not show the famous penis measuring scene. There is, however, a fairly long scene where Spanjer gets into bed with a woman. We get a long, light and very clear view of his beautifully shaped buttocks. It is briefly possible to get a slight glimpse of his penis (or at least testicles) from the rear as he spreads his legs.

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