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Traeger, Evelyne 1 Review
Speidel, Jutta 1 Review
Schuberth, Christine 1 Review
Reitmeyer, Christine 1 Review
Raimers, Brigitte 1 Review
Harrer, Brigitte 1 Review
Eickhoff, Barbara 1 Review
Abt, Marion 1 Review

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Evelyne Traeger
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

On Gyno Chair

* Doctors Office. Fist she undresses behind a more or less sheer folding screen. Then comes out nude and tries to hide her vagina behind her hands. Middle-big breast clearly visible.

* Lying on the gynecological chair - Close up to her hairy pubes from the side while the doctor palpate her. Then she's to see completely from the side, nipple a bit errect.

* Then together with her friend. You see her from the side, blouse open. Breasts to see. The he pull's her panties down. She turns and is to see from behind. After nice tits also a nice butt.

* Later lying alone in the bed - full frontal nude. Takes a blanket betwenn her legs and masturbates to orgasm.

* Then by the swimming pool with another girl. Get's creamed with suncreme, nude back.

* Short after this she's modelling nude for the other Woman. Full frontal nude, breasts, bush - all wonderfull to see. At the end both are kissing.

* Sex with Helmut (Thomas Fischer) - totally nude, but clearly only the breasts to see.

* At the end back to the doctor's office. Brief breasts and pubes and getting a syringe in the upper butt.

Jutta Speidel
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

No nudity

No nudity by Jutta Speidel - but some erotic scene for instance in a short tennis dress.

Christine Schuberth
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Fathers little girl is a dirty bitch!

Doctor's office. Comes in and starts immediatly to undress up to panties and (open) blouse. Talking the whole time to the doctor. Kind of teasing as she show's him her right (for us left) breast. They are small but firm. Nice little tities.

Next Scene - undress in her own living room with a boyfriend. Topless, only wearing her panties. Cut and you see both lying in the bed and kissing (under the blanket, simulates Sex).
The her father comes home (coitus interruptus) - the friend must hide himself in the wardrobe. Father comes in, short talking, then he goes. She jumps out of her bed - totally naked, all to see, full frontal, full bush, breasts and butt.

Again at the doctor's office: Lying in thy gyno chair. We see her upper part of the body. Blouse wide open. Breasts to see. Very nice shot.

Christine Reitmeyer
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Raped Beauty

Change her clothes in the wood. 4 guys (her buddies) spying on her. Breasts good to see, but not the best possible shoot. But all in all a very nice blond teengirl.
The Sunbathing, lying on her stomach. Undress her bikini top. But nothing to see. Guy comes and pours water on her rear. She jumps of and is now topless. An other guy steals her bikini top. She's running around to get it back. Then the guys catch her. They pull her panties down - you can see her in all her beaty. Full frontal nude (typically seventies bush). Then - and this is good so - there's a cut and the comming rape is not to see.

Brigitte Raimers
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Nude on the beach

Undresses with her lover on the beach. Only wearing a summer dress. Pulls them over her head. Only to see now from the side, good view on her small, firm breast and her nice butt, no good view on the pubes. Then both running in the water. See her from behind, again nice view on her butt. Then lying in the water, kissing and so on with her guy.

Brigitte Harrer
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Not nude but...

Not nude but some nice erotical scenes and her dark nipple in one scene clearly to see through her bra.

Barbara Eickhoff
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Good breasts, not too small!

First interesting scene with her boyfriend. You see her from behind, nude, only wearing a cardigan (to cover her in her eyes to small breast). Her wonderfull, great butt is clearly visible. Then lying on her stomach on the bed, wearing still her cardigan. Again nice view on her butt.

After that we see her full frontal nude in the shower. Lower frontal nudity with full bush. As usual in the Seventies. Also to see her very nice breasts. Really not big - but also not really small. Very OK. I like them.
The toweeling and feeling her breasts.
At the end she's lying at the gyno chair in the doctor's office while he examinate her (why? she's there because of her breasts!). Great view on her breasts, also when she later sits on the gyno chair.

Marion Abt
kenwilliams was written on June 16, 2005

Sex in Tent

In a tent with her lover.
She's only wearing her panities an an open jacket. Breasts some times clearly to see. Not big, but nice and firm. Then puts out her jacket and now topless. Good view on her tities.

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