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2008 Underbelly 0 Reviews
2007 Satisfaction 1 Review

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Underbelly (2008)
Satisfaction (2007)
cecil was written on August 3, 2014

Season One

She plays Mel (short for Melanie). She shows the least nudity of all the woman who work at 323.
Episode 1.1 - she has a sex scene with Nick Farnell and Chloe. They are all 3 in the shower together, but she shows nothing there. Later they have sex, she is on bottom face down, a few frames of one breast.
Episode 1.2 - sex scene with David Roberts, she's on top of him, her long hair hides her breasts most of the time, briefly see a side view. Later she has a long sex scene with Martin Dingle Wall. A couple of times we see her rear end while wearing a g-string. He pulls down her top at one point and mouths her breast. The rest of the time she keeps her top on.
Episode 1.3 - sex with Robert Mammone, brief breast exposure.
Episode 1.8 - after sex with Mark Raffety, she gets up and walks away, allowing us to see her bare rear several times
She has no nudity in Season 2.

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