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Molly Ringwald
whiteraven was written on August 23, 2010

Bare breasts/nipples on a boat during sex

I saw this on VHS full screen. Molly Ringwald plays Melissa Nelson. The topless sex scene runs from about 24:41 to 25:36 with the start of the 'sex' scene about the 24:08 mark. She is on a boat with Patrick McGaw who plays Doug Gordon. She is wearing a mid-thigh high skirt and long v-neck knitted top. They are talking and then suddenly at 24:08 the shirtless McGaw comes into view falling to his back with Molly arms about his neck on top. They are kissing and the cam pans down about where the sun light reveals the porous nature of Ringwald's top. About 24:17 there is a profile of her right hanging breast and nipple. Had there been no nudity this shot would have been the vidcappers' highlight of the film of her. She ties the bare chested McGaw's arms out to his sides with rope (never certain if his pants are removed). He is shown gasping as she kisses her way down his stomach and out of camera view. She removes her top at about 24:38 which is shown from her back right shoulder - nice appreciative gaze on McGaw's face as her breasts are revealed to him. Strange moaning shot of his face and then about 24:41, the nicely topless Ringwald breasts are shown. Lightly pink nipples and aerolas which almost fade into the nearly matching fair skin tone. A nice second or two then she leans forward to start kissing McGaw. I can understand the 'confusion' about her crotch. This is due to bad editing/camera angle. She is on top straddling McGaw still wearing her skirt with a low 'bed' level camera angle. As she raises her hips up there is clearly a gap/separation and the impression of an exposed ('shaved'?) crotch shot. As she lowers herself the impression is of light or white panites but that could be the skirt. I give it a three even with the errors. It is after all Molly Ringwald. Her breasts/nipples are exposed. It is erotic and there is a short sequence where her somewhat erect nipples are rubbing and bouncing against McGaw after which they go to a closeup up face kissing shot ending about 25:37 and then a distance shot from the dock where the couple can still be seen mating until about 25:46.

Bushyboy was written on February 15, 2008

on the boat

A tidbit no one else picked up.... using dvd zoom and frame advance, you can see that she has panties or some sort of 'bush-shield' covering the hair, so the previous reviewer was fantasizing about seeing bush.

Biblion was written on October 31, 2000

Peeling Off Top While Astride Her Partner

A consummate four-star scene. Ringwald attempted to work against type ('Sixteen Candles') with this twisted character. I thought she played the role well, alas, the public wouldn't buy tickets. Her breasts, I believe, are the real tickets contrary to some expressed opinions. She is topless and quite clearly visible. I must say that Ms. Ringwald is a beautiful woman and that this scene alone makes rental worthwhile.

jimmysays was written on February 1, 2001

Riding the hobby horse

I love when long time non-nude actresses break out the goods for the first time. Molly's tits are marvelous when finally released and riding the baseball star to get even with his girlfriend. Very round and bouncy, although I hate to say she loked very uncomfortable doing this scene.

SPC455 was written on June 18, 1999

I was on of those people. :-o

Why wouldn't they be?! Her face was shown...Does anyone who's seen this (bad) movie know why the other reviewer would say that? Did she use a prosthetic or something????

icebag3 was written on February 29, 2012

Molly shows us her goods

Brat Packer shows off beautiful C-cup breasts. And they are beautiful, guys. Who would have thought that below her baby-fat face sat such gorgeous globes? Just the right size, just the right shape -- a chest ten dozen Hollywood actresses would kill for. It's one thing to see some actress you've heard of finally show off her tits, but when they're this glorious, it makes the never-ending search for celebrity nudity all worth it. Thank you very much for sharing yourself with us, Molly.

TheRAVE was written on February 27, 2005

Nude scene on the boat

Molly Ringwald has always looked HOT to me, but THIS scene is worth "freeze-framing" if you have the video. Molly shows off her beautiful tits in the scene where she and the guy are on her father's boat. It's really the only "real" (and short) nude scene in the movie, but like I said, it's worth hitting PAUSE to get a nice LONG gaze at those sexy puppies!

bfdman was written on September 25, 1998

sex scene

Probably only a ***, but for anybody who fantasized about Molly's breasts throughout the `80s (you know who you are) it's a ****.The queston remains though--are those Molly's REAL breasts?!

Luvmonk was written on October 24, 2000

Molly on the Boat

Great scene of her riding on top of the leading man. It shows her nude from the waist up and offers a fine view of her large breasts and face (not a body double). The scene is 30-40sec long and is the best Ringwald you're going to get. She's done some growing since 16 candles!

Cyclone was written on December 1, 1999

Nice topless shots

Molly does look nice topless, I can definitely agree with that, but I think that I wouldn't give her breasts a second look if they were on some unknown actress. Because it's Molly it would be easy to overrate them, but really, by movie standards, her topless scene is just average.

p_arquette was written on August 19, 1999

Finally Molly's Breasts

This is an excellent, sensual view of Molly Ringwald's breasts while she makes love to some guy. This may be the best nude scene ever, though I'm probably just saying that because she finally took her top off. Hat's off to her, and I hope there is more to come, now that she's revealed herself!

calebtemple was written on June 11, 2001

Fantastic topless scene on boat

Molly reveals her wonderful C breasts in this long well lit scene. It is an angled shot from below and gives a great rarely seen perspective of a gorgeous actresses bare breasts. It is also part of a pretty steamy seduction scene that makes it all that much better. Four stars easily.

atom was written on August 10, 2003

sixty seconds of jiggling boobies

Ever wonder what happened to the teen queen from "Breakfast Club" and "Pretty in Pink"? This twentysomething version of "Fatal Attraction" will show you. As the psychotic seductress, Ringwald ties up hunky Patrick McGaw and then straddles him during sex, taking off her shirt so that her breasts bobble and bounce as she forces him to pleasure her. The scene lasts about a full minute, and Ringwald's breasts seem full and natural. Although her face isn't conventionally gorgeous--even at the height of her popularity, Ringwald had a kind of ordinary-girl quality--I think straight guys would find this topless scene hot.

[email protected] was written on July 19, 1999

Molly's boobies

Molly wasn't exactly flat in the 80's.She wore a semi transparentskintight swim suit in 1982's The Tempest, which displayed her big teenage boobies nicely. Actresses who have worn prosthetic breasts in movies include Barbra Hershey in The Entity (actually an entireprosthetic body) and Katharine Ross in The Stepford Wives.

Bevan was written on October 25, 1999

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Oh, those are her real breasts, alright. No kidding they're bigger than they were in the eighties. Most twenty-seven year old women have more upstairs than most sixteen-year-old girls.That aside, a hell of a scene. Long, extended, moaning, kissing, lovely breasts.

Starduster was written on June 25, 1999

Topless love scene late in first half hour of film

In one of Ringwald's teen comedies, an older woman remarks that Molly's character has developed perky breasts. That proves to be a true to life statement; her boobs are quite nice!This lengthy topless display will be a pleasant surprise for her 80's fans. There may be a flash of bush when her slip rides up. Nudity with elements of bondage and domination. Good Golly Miss Molly!

nmd was written on June 26, 1999

boob job ?

the first reviewer might be thinking that molly could have had her boobs done ( implants ) cos she looks alot bigger than she did in the 80's .

FarscapeCJ was written on July 16, 2005

Brat Packer topless in sex scene

Well, this movie was a cable movie done back in the 90's. Molly's movie career was non existant and she decided to play Glen Close Fatal Attraction role. Well She has a sex scene with the main dude in the movie and you get to see her breast CLEARLY and they are great. Only one question remains, is she a real redhead?

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on April 22, 2001

Perfect Tits

Molly Ringwald surprised me in this film.She is on a boat having sex.Her Tits are perfect!nice and round.She willingly takes her shirt off for this this guy.It would have been a four but it was a week sex seen!

GoGoGurl was written on April 6, 2013

Who Knew She Had Such An Amazing Rack?

Molly gets 2 hot scenes in this film, the first, less noteworthy one, is a sex scene that takes place in a sports car that's filling up with rain and Molly and the guy she's having an affair with screw. Molly's completely out of the blue come on: "So, do you want to fuck?" to the guy is unforgettable, unlike the rest of the scene, which features a lot of moaning and grinding, but no nudity.

The main event is the second sex scene. Molly leads the guy out onto a boat. It's off to a good start because Molly is wearing one of those airy sweaters with large spaces between the yarn and you can clearly see that she's wearing nothing, not even a bra, beneath it. She comes on to the guy again, there's some passionate kissing and she lays him on the deck and ties his wrists down with the boat ropes. Then while straddling him she peels the sweater off and shows us the goods, for apparently the only time in her career. To quote Teri Hatcher: "Their real, and their spectacular." A very nice, lingering look at these supple pillows both with her sitting upright and hanging down as she leans over to kiss her lover. It's a nice long scene that shows her gently gyrating against her lover and kissing him a lot.

moviestuff was written on August 17, 2003

molly's beautiful tities!!!!

if your a fan of molly see this movie you get to see her nice tits

Sarah Lassez
Bushyboy was written on February 15, 2008


With a dvd, you can see her very nice right tit and nipple... too bad she wouldn't show more.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

Not much

you sorta get a shot of her tit in the library when the dude unbuttons her shirt later on she unbuttons her shirt and you get a better shot but no nipple that i can see

whiteraven was written on August 23, 2010

Very brief right breast nipple in library make out scene

Sarah Lassez plays college student Laura, girlfriend of Patrick McGaw who plays pre-med student Doug Gordon. The right breast/nipple exposure occurs during a library make out scene from about 36:23 - 38:19 and Molly Ringwald secretly looking behind a nearby book rack. Lassez and McGaw are sitting at a table side by side facing each other. She is appearing wearing an armless front button blouse and either a short dark skirt or shorts. Her blouse is already well unbuttoned as they are kissing and McGaw's left hand causes the right side of her blouse to be pushing aside momentarily at about the 36:44 exposing most of her right breast and dollar sized areola. As he moves his left hand up to her face the blouse snap back into place. His right hand seems to be massaging her left breast from inside her blouse. Her face is not shown but the camera pans up to their kissing faces. At about the 37:20 minute mark she playful and seductively mouths his left index with one downward stroke as a promise of possible things to come. Kissing continues and she reaches for his button up jeans pulling and causing several button to pop open. She starts reaching into his underwear but he backs up quickly declining. Apparently he is feeling guilty about his recent infidelity with Ringwald. There is a shot showing her exposed left inner thigh with her crotch only be covered by her white blouse with only buttoned at the waist and as the camera slowly pans up to her face her half covered left breast is shown and perhaps just the hint of aerola (she does have large areolas). The real first scene of the movie after credits was a library scene between the two just before she departs for a quick out of town trip where McGaw starts to unbutton her blouse which she rejects. This is their first time together after her return and now he is rejecting her making her feel slighted and humiliated. And of course further empowering the onlooking Ringwald. There certainly was another opportunity in the film's final sequence as Ringwald was cutting off the buttons of the shirt of the bound and gagged Lassez, threatening to cut out her heart. It was nice seeing Lassez's breast/nipple, but not sure if it was really necessary scene/script wise and in the end just left one wanting to see more which of course we never get.

Cyclone was written on July 1, 2000

Brief bare breast

Attractive woman, but her exposure here is limited to a brief look at one bare breast. Watch this movie for Molly's scene, not Sarah's.

Starduster was written on June 25, 1999

Brief right breast

Not long after Molly Ringwald's topless scene, Lassez briefly reveals and touches her small, but shapely breast.

Patrick McGaw
atom was written on August 10, 2003

three sex scenes with Molly Ringwald

Admittedly, Patrick doesn't show enough skin in his three sex scenes in this B-movie version of "Fatal Attraction." When he does show his furry chest and his slim, fit body, though, he never fails to impress. In he first sex scene, we watch Molly Ringwald pull off his shirt during a rainstorm, while he pumps away at her in a convertible. In the second, mildly kinky scene, we see McGaw shirtless, with his hands tied above his head, while Ringwald toys with his chest and mounts him. In the third scene, Ringwald surprises McGaw while he's naked in a shower room (McGaw plays a collegiate baseball star) and amuses herself with his embarrassment. McGaw has shown his butt more clearly elsewhere, but his sex scenes are hottest here, partly because of their slightly edgy female-dominance elements.

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