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Wyatt, Reda 2 Reviews
Sykes, Brenda 4 Reviews
Morgan, Debbi 3 Reviews
Misch Owens, Laura 2 Reviews
George, Susan 4 Reviews
Actress, Uncredited 1 Review

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Ward, Richard 1 Review
Norton, Ken 3 Reviews
King, Perry 4 Reviews

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Reda Wyatt
Chicago was written on July 10, 2002

1 scene

At :10-:11, Reda is in a tub getting a bath...clear breasts in dim lighting as she's cleaned by her mother and another woman.

Pieman was written on November 20, 2013

Nice breasts....But....

Putting it delicately, Reda doesn't have a very nice face. But she has a great set of tits, which are bathed in a lengthy scene in preparation of her deflowering.

Brenda Sykes
Ozzie700 was written on July 7, 2002

In Bed

Brenda is in bed with Perry King (asking if he would free their son from slavery), and her bush and small breasts can be seen in fairly dark lighting.

soulman was written on July 9, 2002

Bedroom Scene.

Sykes' scene with King is darkly lit. You see her small tits for a good while, but if you look close you see that she's wearing dark panties so there's no bush shown.

Chicago was written on July 10, 2002

1 scene

soulman does a good job of describing Brenda's scene which comes at 1:00.75-1:04.25 as she's naked in bed talking with Perry King...small breasts throughout, though originally from a medium distance through sheer mesh hanging from the bed frame.

Pieman was written on November 20, 2013

Good looking woman in a lengthy scene

Brenda is one good-looking woman. She has a long nude scene. One of those where you see her beautiful breasts a lot, and a whole lot of skin, but nothing else. I've been a fan for a long time, so it's difficult for me to give her only two stars, but I have to keep with my personal system.

Debbi Morgan
MovieEddie was written on April 7, 1999

She does WHAT?

She must have lived to regret the advent of home video. Daytime TV's beloved Angie Baxter is seen frontally nude in a scene with Perry King (also nude). Morgan, playing a slave in a very bad picture, sits on King's bed, and utters the memorable--if degrading--line, Mastah, I's knocked.

soulman was written on November 13, 2001

Tit Shot.

You see Debbi's great tit while waiting in bed for master Perry King. Debbi would go on to do a long run on tv's ALL MY CHILDREN and in films like EVE'S BAYOU and LOVE & BASKETBALL, but I think this film was her only nude film appearance.

Pieman was written on November 20, 2013


Debbi sits in a bed, nude, but only showing her breasts. But they are a great pair.

Laura Misch Owens
BushLeague was written on December 31, 2003

Somethings to fight over

Her very nice breasts come uncovered on a balcony while Ken Norton is fighting. Playmate of the Month Feb. 1975.

Pieman was written on November 20, 2013

Quick breasts

Laura loses her top while jumping up and down, exposing her breasts, which she quickly covers.

Susan George
Chicago was written on July 10, 2002

1 scene

Susan seduces Ken Norton and the two have sex on the bed. At 1:42.5-1:42.75, she turns him over on his back and her torpedo-like hand-cupped breasts are clearly viewable (albeit dimly lit) before he turns her back over and kisses her, mostly obscuring other viewable nudity.

soulman was written on July 9, 2002

Slutty Susan.

This is one of my favorite trashy movies. The best time I've ever had in a movie theater was when I saw this film back in '75 with an all black audience. Needless to say the entire theater were rolling in the aisles, especially this scene where George seduces Norton. I never found her to be attractive at all, but she sure could play the slut. You get a litle tit action during that scene, but that's about it.

Tiger Flux was written on February 9, 1999

interracial sex

I do not remember alot about this movie. Susan George has a good scene with Ken Norton. What I thought was humorous was what a writer once wrote in an interview piece with Susan George, that she had to give Ken Norton a blow job in order for him to get in the mood for the scene. The seventies sure were crazy.

Pieman was written on November 20, 2013

Susan goes black

Susan forces Ken Norton to have sex with her, exposing her breasts, a whole lot of flesh, and some fairly provocative (especially for the time) sex. Not as hot as I remember it, but pretty sweet just the same.

Uncredited Actress
Pieman was written on November 20, 2013

A whole lotta boobs

There are numerous topless, uncredited women in this movie, both black and white. The plot's not great, but a lot of the women sure are.

Richard Ward
CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on March 9, 2003

slave sort of s&m scene

This is NOT the Richard Ward that was in some thing called 'erotic confessions', but a mature black actor who'd had several bit parts in movies and on TV in the 70s, including Starsky & Hutch. Along with several other actors in this notorious flick, he has a nude scene, which begins at 18:06. He plays a 19th century black house slave (agamemnon) who is whipped in a barn as punishment for trying to learn to read. This scene lasts until 20:21, and affords many views of his full, glistening, rounded black marble buttocks, tapering down from thick manly thighs without so much as a millimetere of flab or skin degeneration, despite his mature age. Black male butt nudity is always welcome in films as their asses are naturally rounded, curvy, full and, most importantly, hard and muscular. There are various views from various angles throughout the scene, but the best come at 18:47, when his crack and 4/5 of his butt is seen in close up as another slave prepares to paddle him, showing how deep his buttcleft is and how smooth the muscular cheeks are. Another close up comes at 19:09, and the longest uncut view comes at 19:38 to 20:05. The scene's erotic impact is impaired somewhat by the fact that a) he's upside down, which as all true male butt lovers know means you can only fully appreciate the shape, contrast and countours by adopting a similar position to view, and b) he's being sadistically "paddled", which results in a bloody butt from about 19:09 onwards.

Ken Norton
Ozzie700 was written on July 7, 2002

If looks could kill...

His ass is muscular and round, but his facial expression suggests he's being felt up by Phyllis Diller. I don't know if it's good or bad acting from Ken, but his reaction detracts from the scene.

murray was written on September 22, 1998

sex scene

We get a good look at Norton's full-length backside, but there's no clear frontal nudity. He's in terrific condition and his ass is very shapely.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on March 12, 2003

Seduction and sex scene

At around 90 minutes the delerious George forces Norton to come up to her room and blackmails him into having sex with her. The nudity begins at 96:49, as he stands tall and topless with his back to the camera and she slowly unfurls his breeches, revealing his basket ball-round black buttcheeks growing out of his strong back, and curving into a seamless underside meeting his legs. The camera moves in for a close up as George grabs him round the waist. Another close up of his perfect arse is shown from the back as George rubs her face up his abs towards his chest. After he throws her on the bed, at 98:17 there is a close up of his butt and thighs as he moves around on top of her, affording us a different angle at which we can appreciate the way a deep 'V' cleft buttcrack develops from the small of his back as the slopes of his buttcheeks rise up mountainously on either side. At 98:29 there is another very good close up, this time from behind, of his butt as he lays on top of her. It twitches briefly before he rolls over onto his back, looking like a very shapely inviting place to rest your head ;) the look of innocence, surprise and enthusiasm on his face when he rolls over is very sexy and adds to the eroticism of the scene. Finally after he's cum, from 99:22 to 99:37 the camera rises straight upwards from him lying full length naked inbetween her legs, body at rest, and giving us our 4th angle at which to marvel his scuplted arse from. Unfortunately (there always seems to be a catch), throughout the film the interior scenes are very gloomily lit, and although the shots are very sexy and detailed and this kind of lingering, close-up butt shot is practically never scene in mainstream films, it would need daylight for full, 4* effect. Norton is handsome and he knows it, his cockiness and dumbness throughout is very sexy and he is always seen partially nude - topless, or just in shorts.

Perry King
murray was written on September 20, 1998

love scene

There's dick here, folks. King's frontal nudity fits well into the scene and is completely respectable. In another scene you see a woman rubbing his pants at the crotch and you see some shapes moving around under there.

Russmicjack was written on January 16, 2002

First Sex Scene (Beginning of Movie)

Although his penis wasn't that big, I think his balls compensated for it. They looked nice and big. Definitely a turn on. Perry wears real tight pants throughout this movie and you can't deny he has an AWESOME ass. I think a lot of guys would die to get a piece of it.

MovieEddie was written on April 7, 1999

King in the Skinny

If you're a Perry King fan (and there are some out here), rent this rotten movie, if only for the sight of him stepping out of his pants. He walks toward his bed (and the camera) with his dick in full view. Oh, what actors will do before they become TV stars.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on March 10, 2003

2 scenes

Perry (26) looks remarkably like Joe Dallesandro on times, and shares the same square-jawed, broad chested, flat-stomached college jock physique and sexy toussle-haired naievety. At 17:35, he strips to make love to one of his slaves. At first there is a close up of the lateral view of his gleaming chest and upper torso, with his gorgeous handsome face in profile, then out of nowhere we are shown a long shot from the bed across the room of him standing there fully naked, soft but thick-looking uncut penis and loaded-looking big balls matter-of-factly exposed to the camera. He then walks towards the bed, his penis and balls swinging, before kneeling down to pray. The shot last 7 seconds, and although totally unexpected and even unecessary, the dusky lighting unfortunately is far from great (but is the same throughout the film) and so it wasn't enough to turn me on. Later on at 58:27 he is laying on his back in bed, and his full length torso, mainly laterally, can be seen through the net as the camera slowly moves in. There is a dark shape over his pubis which i presumed to be his bush, but he rolls to one side (away from the camera and only slightly, not enough to expose his butt), and when he rolls back again it's disappeared, so it could well have been his torpid dick. Throughout the movie he wears breeches that practically ride up his asscrack and leave little to the imagination regarding it's full, rounded, muscular shape.

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