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year title
2004 Naked and Betrayed 0 Reviews
2004 Forbidden Lust 1 Review
2003 Sexual Surrender 0 Reviews
2003 Passion Before Midnight 3 Reviews

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year title
2002 Best Sex Ever, The 0 Reviews

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Naked and Betrayed (2004)
Forbidden Lust (2004)
Bafitis was written on January 22, 2009

Throughout Movie

Mandy Fisher is quite the looker and she is All Natural... She gets Naked several times in this movie... She plays a Gold Digger who marries rich men and then her and a male friend poison and kill them after X amount of time... Mandy is a Knockout and like I said, All Natural, so this one gets 4 Stars, only because they don't allow 5...

Sexual Surrender (2003)
Passion Before Midnight (2003)
Chicago was written on May 1, 2003

3 scenes

When Amy shows up for a lunch with Mandy, the two decide a f/f is more appetizing. At :30:30-:33, Mandy's and Julia's large breasts are unleashed; Julia simu-orals Mandy on an oversized leather chair and before Mandy returns the favor...asses and hanging breasts as they do. At :55:30-:57:50, a guy visits psychiatrist Mandy, and the two undress each other on the couch...large breasts as he kisses her twins, dark pubes and ass as he doffs her panties. She gets on top of him as he tweaks her breasts, while she then has nice thrusts into him. He does her from behind on their sides. Great hungry sex scene! with full nudity from Mandy. At 1:05:28-1:08:43 after taking off her own top, Julia takes off Mandy's, the two lick each others' full breasts, and Julia takes off Mandy's skirt and panties revealing her pubes briefly before stepping out of her own skirt (Julia's ass seen and the guy watching them joins the two of them on the couch). The guy and Julia spend a little time on Mandy before the guy goes doggie-style on Julia while she simu's Mandy.

OneMoreReviewer was written on April 4, 2003

Many full frontal scenes

She plays the psychiatrist. I was surprised at how large yet perfectly shaped her breasts were. She had many full frontal sex scenes including a couple of lesbian scenes with Julia Parton. She has a sweet face, which lead me to believe she might not even get naked, but then out of nowhere comes these fantastic breasts and a voluptuous body she was hiding. I looked her up, here and on the IMDB, and she seems to have been in nothing notable other than this, which is a major crime. Superb stuff.

sirspread was written on July 28, 2005

not so great breasts

good nudity from her and she has a very nice body with good looks....its just a shame that those breasts are fake and to big

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