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Manuela Arcuri's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1999 Alla ricerca di Sherazade 1 Review
1995 Mad Love 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Manuela Arcuri member submitted

Alla ricerca di Sherazade (1999)
Striker was written on June 23, 2001

Nude swim and getting bonked.

At the start of this episode Manuela is swimming merrily away in the buff. She climbs onto a boat and stretches her gorgeous body on the deck. Later she gets laid and we get a good look at her butt when she goes over to the window.

Mad Love (1995)
TranslucentShield was written on January 27, 2003


Seductive Moor hooker who the king is having an affair with. There are some especially sexy scenes where her legs and breasts are on full display.

BBjuggles was written on May 2, 2005

dancer undressing after show

After a very sexy bellydance onstage in a dark club (sexy hip movement,) Manuela is seen in her room removing her outfit. Large, full, perfect breasts seen from a couple of angles as she turns. Her whole body is toned and flawless. Of course, her breasts have been seen in many photos, but this scene is the first time I saw her strip below the waist and reveal some pubic hair... :)
The shot is quite wide, but worth it for the glimpse of what's normally hidden in her undies.

BBjuggles was written on May 2, 2005

in bed with the king

When the king enters her room, Manuela is in the foreground, lying on her side in bed. From behind, we see part of her rear end, and her left breast as it slowly rises and falls with her breath. Very sexy.

As the king looks out the window, the camera moves to a closeup on Manuela's feet and legs as she draws her knees up and spreads her legs. The shot is in profile, so there's no view between those lovely legs, but for a teeny glimpse of some hair. :( However, the camera continues up her body, over her stomach, to her large, full breasts, which lie flattened on her chest. Her nipples are semi-erect, and her breasts are tanned with her body.
The king lies upon her, running his hands over her breasts, but not squeezing them much. Then we have an extended scene shot in closeup as the king professes his lust for Manuela's character, while she requests to be a member of his court. Very sexy expressions on Manuela's face as she breathes heavily and moans while the king thrusts over her. Also one glimpse of her left breast as the king squeezes it. However, still a very tight shot, and no nipple seen. The two of them never kiss, either.
Three stars for Manuela's gorgeous breasts, perfect physique, and beautiful face. Not enough movement, clear shots, or length of shots to warrant four stars... Still worth it for Manuela's fans (like me.)

Holodeck was written on March 9, 2006

Changing in the dressing room


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