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2004 Roma 1 Review

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Roma (2004)
rbelkin was written on December 16, 2006

Beautiful & Cute Girl Next Door - Bares All Natural Breasts - Very Briefly Though

Marcela is a cute girl next door who decides to she does wnat to be the lead's boyfriend so like nearly every other girl on this planet, she goes to his apartment unannounced and drops her dress. Okay, maybe that only ahppens in the movies ... Like most guys, he's stunned by her beautiful all-natural c-cup sized breasts for a few seconds. Unfortunately that's all we really get to see - a solid 3 seconds of topless flaunting. Later they are enjoying a cigarette afterwards and they lay naked with her spooning him but other than her bare thigh and shoulders, it's a nice movie but it could've been improved with much more nudity from her ... okay, that's a given but ...

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