Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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1999 Secret Men's Business 1 Review

Marcus Graham's Sexy TV Shows

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2008 Underbelly 2 Reviews
1997 Good Guys Bad Guys 1 Review

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Underbelly (2008)
GDH was written on January 29, 2010


Episode: 'Earning a Crust'. Graham features in a group sex scene, during which we get a few very brief shots of his muscular bum.

GDH was written on January 22, 2010


Episode: 'Wise Monkeys'. As Graham, who has a 'lived-in' face and muscular body, and a young woman undress each other, we see a close up of his muscular bum, from the side. Later, the pair lay in bed and we get a fairly lengthy shot of Graham's backside, albeit slightly obscured by the bed linen.

Good Guys Bad Guys (1997)
Ozzie700 was written on June 5, 2009

Leaving tub

Marcus was the star of this Australian TV series. He has a gaunt face, very high cheekbones, and a very nicely muscled body. In one episode, he's in the bathtub with his girlfriend when her ex calls her, telling her there's a birthday surprise outside the house. Marcus puts the robe on her and stands behind her at the window, giving viewers a very nice glimpse of his wet, shapely backside.

Secret Men's Business (1999)
GDH was written on January 25, 2001

Close-ups of backside during communal shower scene

Graham has a muscular body, although in this film he appears in danger of losing his 'shape'. His bum's still (very) nice, though, and we get ample views of it during the shower scene: one in a long-shot, one in close-up as the camera pans up his body, then again in close-up as Simon Baker whips it (!) with a towel.

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