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2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 2 Reviews

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Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Various; ep: Room 69

Marie, an adult film actress, is extremely toned, probably the most muscular actress I've seen on one of these shows. In this episode she's first seen talking to a man on the computer, and she shows her small but firm breasts. She later invites him over, with more glimpses at her chest, as well as a very, very dark frontal, and, when they 69, a side view of her impressively muscled thighs and buttocks.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Marie Luv

Marie Luv sitting on a dresser as a guy rubs her through her grey skirt and sucks on her finger and then starts going down on her before they both take their clothes off and she climbs fully nude onto him into the 69 position as they both go down on one another on a bed.

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