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year title
1978 Pet of the Month 1 Review
1978 Jokes My Folks Never Told Me 1 Review
1978 Fairy Tales 1 Review
1977 Cinderella 1 Review

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Pet of the Month (1978)
12-string was written on April 17, 2002

The whole enchilada

Although the CNDb is essentially softcore pix, this entry is added for the (probably mythical) sake of completeness. Roberts plays a secretary who goes to Hawaii on vacation, meets a hang-gliding muscle guy, and has a lot of explicit sex with him: in the shower, on the beach, in a hotel room, beside a fire at night (5 or 6 scenes in all). Co-star is her then-husband, and they are the whole cast of the movie, except for a couple of minor extras. Very little dialogue, and the style is not at all standard porn despite the explicit footage. Title plays on Mariwin's PENTHOUSE centerfold and, even though her breasts look fake, she's a knockout here. Easily her best role -- and movie!

Jokes My Folks Never Told Me (1978)
filmo70 was written on July 31, 2006

3 scenes

Various roles in this sketch comedy. 1) [07:30 mark] Left breast only for about 20 seconds as she talks with another girl (other girl is topless w/ fake tits). 2) [26:30 mark] Side view of right breast while bending over being examined. 3) [34:00 mark] her best scene but still way too brief, she's topless with a large "M" on her stomach.

Fairy Tales (1978)
Immy was written on February 24, 2005

April 1978 Penthouse Pet nude (0:20 & 0:23)

Mariwin plays a nude elevator operator. Each time someone boards she smiles and asks "Going down?" Full frontal the first time but shot from the waist up the second. An awesome bod in its prime.

Cinderella (1977)
Antman was written on October 14, 1999

Long full frontal scene

She plays the trapper's brunette daughter. About 10 minutes into the film, we see her standing completely naked outside being washed by her blonde sister. The scene continues for quite a while and includes a little simulated oral sex and a couple of close up pubic shots. Seek out the unedited release of this tape, it is about 20 minutes longer than the edited version.

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