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year title
1991 Fourth Story, The 3 Reviews
1989 Sweet Bird of Youth 1 Review

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Fourth Story, The (1991)
murray was written on September 20, 1998

nighttime scene

Harmon strolls around his home nude in the dark. In some angles he's looking good, in others he's looking relatively flabby - and it's hard to tell which version is being presented by the shadows and moonlight.

guywatcher was written on September 11, 2000

butt while walking around house

I gave it four stars just because it was Mark Harmon. I have been a fan of his for many years now. He used to be a college football player so I know his body was great at one time. In this movie though, he has gotten alittle big. The first shot of his butt is when he gets out of bed to investigate a noise. He gets up and stands at the door for a couple of seconds giving us a long look at his rear. The room is dark but can still see his butt clearly. He walks around the house showing us just his butt. No frontals.

Christoph was written on July 14, 2000

Walking around naked

Private detective hears noise and exits bedroom naked to investigate dark house. Quite a few shadowy shots of Harmon's bare rear end. He is not as muscular as one would think, which makes one wish he had done a similar scene when younger. Still, if you are a fan of his (which I am), this scene is a pleasant surprise, particularly given the PG-13 rating.

Sweet Bird of Youth (1989)
bmg was written on January 4, 2000


We get to see his fair butt several times as he makes love in the dark. There is also one shot where you might be able to see his pubes or even some of his penis, but it was too quick and dark to be sure.

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