Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse's Sexy Actresses

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Strain, Julie 1 Review
Smith, Liza 1 Review
Shower, Kathy 1 Review
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Landry, Tamara 1 Review

Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Stepp, Craig 0 Reviews
Jeffery, Doug 1 Review

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Julie Strain
Immy was written on June 11, 2005

Breasts (1:21)

Julie is once again in dominatrix gear (she may hold some sort of record for appearing on screen in leather!). Doug Jeffery and Rainer Grant (credited as "Liza Smith") are about to get down and dirty when Doug handcuffs Rainer's hands over her head in a doorway and out walks Julie in her chain mail bustier and riding crop. Rainer, in a bra and panties, gets a few playful slaps with the crop before Julie goes over to Doug, but the scene ends before things get any kinkier.

Liza Smith
Immy was written on June 11, 2005

Breasts and butt

This is actually actress Rainer Grant. "Liza Smith" is an aka she uses. Rainer is the wild girl of the trio (she, Monique Parent & Kathy Shower). She likes getting spanked, which we see along with her boobs in the opening moments when she's in bed with Sam Schueler. Then she has a hot encounter with Doug Jeffery (0:32) with more toplessness, but look for an unrated version because the 93 minute, R-rated copy I rented has some edits in this scene. They hook up again at 0:53 and 1:11 with more boob shots but the last one is marred when they fight and she leaves. Pretty girl with white-blonde hair and enhanced boobs.

Kathy Shower
crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow - look at those nips!

Kathy Shower is a fridged wife in this movie who doesn't want to do it cause hubby cheated on her some time ago. At one point, she almost lets him do her. She gets warmed up to him and takes off her night shirt exposing those massive melons. But the viewers are let down big time when she freezes up again and refuses him. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck!

Monique Parent
Immy was written on June 11, 2005

Frequently topless with very brief frontal

Monique is exposed fairly liberally throughout this movie, though mostly topless. She's married to Doug Jeffery and has roughly a half dozen scenes with him. The best by far (0:16) is when he ravishes her by the front window in their home while she's tied by the wrists with the drapery cords. You can see a very brief muff flash in the mirror as he pulls her panties down. This and a brief introductory shot at the very beginning are her only simu-sex scenes. The rest of her topless moments mostly occur while talking to Doug.

Tamara Landry
Immy was written on June 11, 2005

Topless several times

Tamara has a handful of topless scenes with Craig Stepp in his office. The best are (0:28) when she first takes off her jacket showing him her "resumé" and later (1:17) having sex with him on his desk. Though she never shows anything below the waist, veteran Tamara looks especially sexy.

Craig Stepp
Doug Jeffery
GDH was written on June 18, 2001

Bum in three (count 'em!) sex scenes

Jeffery shares two sex scenes with Liza Smith: in the first, we get a quick view of his muscular backside as he's on top of her; in the second, a brief view of his bum as he stands in front of her. By far the best scene, though, is when he's brushing his hair, wearing just a towel around his waist. Monique Parent whips the towel away, then proceeds to kiss his chest and stomach. While this is going on the camera films from behind Jeffery and we get a nice clear, long look at those lovely buttocks. As the scene ends Jeffery dons a pair of boxer briefs - and my, does he wear them well!

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