Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, Brazil

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1980 Bare Behind Bars 2 Reviews
1980 A Prisão 0 Reviews

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Bare Behind Bars (1980)
muckster was written on August 4, 2007

Lesbian sex in the surgery

Marta plays the dipsy blonde Prison Nurse in this WiP-flick from Brazil. She's been sniffing the ether too long to have much of a clue what she's doing, but she does love her work. Especially the body cavity searches! But when one of these turns up a concealed weapon it's just an excuse to blackmail the girl (261 - yep it's that kind of a film) into a lesbian affair.

At 0:15 minutes Marta is nude (except for rubber gloves and her treasured white cap) massaging 261's breasts on the examination table. Marta is getting on a bit but her good-sized breasts are still in fine shape. She walks over to get a "surprise" from the shelf and we see her full-frontal showing a broad hairy bush, and less happily some cellulite and the beginnings of a beer gut!

Moving on to 0:46 and Marta is in the surgery naked with 261, gorging on watermelon while they slowly rub their bare bottoms together. They exchange a few words while full-frontal, then Marta insists on playing horsey! 261 jumps on her back and bounces up and down spanking her rump harder and harder. Top game!

At 0:49 the nurse is acting loopy even by her standards and lifts her uniform to tease the Governess with a flash of her bush! We briefly see some well-rounded bum.

Finally at 0:56 Marta and 261 are entwined face-to-face on a couch caressing each other, only breasts and legs visible. The nurse whips out a surprise, "the eighth wonder of the world". It's a giant dildo carved from a pineapple, and they take turns slurping on it.

Bare Behind Bars is a frenzied catalogue of utterly wanton depravity that pretty much renders the rest of the genre obsolete. It has everything, except perhaps for truly attractive inmates, but the glamorous Warders more than make up for that. There are a few hardcore scenes from the bit-players thrown in, and after the obligatory escape things get seriously messed up and nasty. But first and foremost it's a wild slapstick comedy that just happens to deal in wall-to-wall nudity and lesbianism, so if you're after something more erotic you'll have to look elsewhere.

Ghostwords was written on August 5, 2007

Banned in Britain

Redemption Video tried to release Bare Behind Bars in the 1990s and time-coded review copies were distributed (uncut, including the cavity search sequences). However, the BBFC refused to either grant a certificate or indicate where cuts could be made to secure one, so the release was cancelled.

A Prisão (1980)

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