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Elizabeth Olsen
nekkidchix was written on April 9, 2012

On top of guy in group sex room

The previous review has an incorrect time. In the best topless scene of Ms. Olsen, the scene occurs at 1 hour 7 minutes into the movie. She is shown on her side, with cute ass cheeks showing from her panties, then she rolls on top of the guy and peels her nightie over her head, showing gorgeous breasts for a couple of seconds. Very well lit. Woot.

Stevarooni was written on March 20, 2012

Skinny dipping

A little before the 16 minute point, there's a two-second view of Elizabeth's butt (not skinny, for certain) as she strips down to skinny dip and then jumps into the water. Otherwise the camera carefully avoids showing any nudity beyond her bare back.

Stevarooni was written on March 20, 2012

Clear side-boob

Shortly after the 25 minute point, Elizabeth doffs her shirt so that she can try on the dress Sarah Paulson insists she try. There's very clear side-boob (and she's got a handful!) but the whole thing is about 5 seconds.

Stevarooni was written on March 20, 2012

Lizzie's on top

Starting at half a minute past the 34-minute mark, Elizabeth is making out with a young man in a room with other cult-members having sex together. She straddles his waist and pulls off her shirt, giving a very clear view of her generous breasts for about five seconds before the camera switches.

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