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1997 Dogtown 3 Reviews
1990 Funny About Love 1 Review

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Dogtown (1997)
rovingeye was written on July 21, 2004


Are you insane? Maybe you should have paid closer attention. Mary keeps her bra on the entire time during the "sex" scene. There is NO nudity whatsoever in this flick.

Don_Juan was written on August 28, 2004


Based on the first review I rented this movie and was dissapointed but not surprised to find zero in the way of nudity. Unless there is another version (unlikely as this war R rated) she was wearing a pink bra in the scenes mentioned:(

borisf_98 was written on July 5, 2004


Finally Mary Stuart Masterson had a nude scene. I am still not believing my eyes. And it was not a body double!! First Trevor St. John sucks on Mary's nipple for a while. Then a few second of breasts during sex.

There could have been more nudity. I was not actively watching this movie. Just tured on TV about 10 minutes before movie end. "Dogtown" is going to be repeated July 17 2004 on IFC. Can somebody spot-check me?

Funny About Love (1990)
BushLeague was written on August 9, 2003

Grab a handful

In a dark love scene, a guy puts his mitt on her pert tomboy tush which top some boyish type legs as well. You can make out the crack.

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