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Taylor, Zara 2 Reviews
Sydney, Robin 1 Review
Savasta, Leela 3 Reviews
Norton, Kerry 1 Review
Mundae, Misty 2 Reviews
Moura, Cinthia 2 Reviews
Michie 1 Review
Lowe, Crystal 2 Reviews
Laurier, Lucie 1 Review
Horsdal, Chelah 2 Reviews
Grant, Clare 1 Review
Graham, Leah 2 Reviews
Gonzalez, Melissa 1 Review
Fleming, Carrie 7 Reviews
Ewusie, Ellen 2 Reviews
Coughlan, Marisa 1 Review
Benson, Julia 3 Reviews

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Zara Taylor
taurus was written on December 24, 2009

Butt shot

Nice walking away full butt shot and tit from the side, if she wasn't covered in blood red crap. Very brief at :54.

taurus was written on December 24, 2009

Butt Shot

Above review was for episode Cigarette Burns.

Robin Sydney
taurus was written on January 4, 2007

Episode: Right to Die

Nice rack on display before getting boinked on the kitchen counter at :40. They are visible again immediately after while climbing out of bed and walking away, also showing off a dynamite butt. Unfortunately she grabbed a shirt which covered what could have been four stars. At :46 she is topless on her back, marked up for entire body skin removal, with just rope around the hips.

Leela Savasta
BushLeague was written on April 1, 2006

Even zombies aren't completely dead

Episode: Haeckel's Tale (Orginally Aired On: 01/27/2006. Leela gets it on with a stiff with a stiff while his goulie friends watch. Very pert bum and no-jiggle breasts. She will definitely wake the dead!

dropzone52761 was written on December 13, 2006

Sex with Zombies

Leela shows off her perfect body while riding a zombie. She shows her perfect butt and nice tanned breasts and brown nipples. Hot nude scene!!!

gun_will_travel was written on April 16, 2007

Extra nudity on DVD extras

There is extended footage of the graveyard orgy scene on the DVD extras in the one of the featurettes, with longer views of Ms. Savasta topless and getting her breasts groped, as well as another nice view of her derriere gyrating on her dead husband. Well worth the purchase price!

Kerry Norton
taurus was written on January 7, 2010

Episode: Screwfly Solution

Riding her husband cowgirl at 12:30, first a nice butt shot then tits from the side as she cuddles up.

Misty Mundae
tickledick was written on March 10, 2006

Episode: Sick Girl

Cockroach crunching, bug munching, ear melting, lesbo lovin' titty nudity. Before midway, she takes off her top revealing both breasts, frontally, while standing. One breast also shows on the sofa. About twelve minutes from the end, she is woken up and speaks about her dream in which she appears full frontal. However, the dream, in which she is either on her back or on her side, is over-lit and looks like a piece of animation out of 'Yellow Submarine'.

swellsystem was written on March 30, 2006


Great review. Misty's not my type in the nudity department but I love her in any sort of out-takes or extra footage in an unscripted way; she's delightful.

Cinthia Moura
NiccoloM was written on April 9, 2007

Episode: Deer Women

According to IMDb this is the first movie appearance by Cinthia Moura who is a famous Brazilian model. Here she is shown topless at least twice (I missed the first part of the episode). In both cases the she is topless and the scenes are well lit so you get a good view of her breasts which are very nice!

BushLeague was written on April 10, 2007


Brief flash of her nice, but not perfect silicone enhanded casabas while she opens her shirt. Two stars top(s).

tickledick was written on April 10, 2006

Episode: 'Imprint'

I had no idea of the notoriety associated with this episode (the US Showtime network refused to show it). By chance, I caught some of it on Bravo (UK). We see her topless on her back. It looks like her nipples have been reddened by lipstick. Her bloody, gaping jaws like ripped whale flesh, harpooned by needles. Peering out through Ahab's terrified eyes, she is dragged deeper into the tentacles of the black-toothed hag's fathomless sadism. Brief flash of breasts as she hangs, inverted, urinating on herself.
Breasts again, on her back, on the floor.

Crystal Lowe
tickledick was written on May 27, 2006

Bloody breasts

Tied and gagged, crucifix style, on a bed, wearing only panties. We get several views, including an overhead shot, of her breasts, but her chest is covered in blood.

tickledick was written on May 27, 2006

Episode: 'Pick Me Up'

Forgot to add episode title in my review for Crystal Lowe.

Lucie Laurier
sky_blue_waters was written on August 15, 2007

Episode Chocolate

27:40-27:56 quick bum shot then lingering breasts as she checks her nude body out in a mirror.

Chelah Horsdal
amonympham was written on September 1, 2006

Sorry guys, body double

The full body shot of the witch is indeed a body double, not Chelah Horsdal. The "Script to Screen" section of the DVD goes over this scene in detail.

At least the body double is gorgeous.

Ghostwords was written on February 12, 2006

Witch switch?

Chelah Horsdal appears in Stuart Gordon's season-one adaptation of HP Lovecrafts "Dreams in the Witch-House", as a single mother whose infant has been chosen as the next victim of a dimension-jumping witch. The evil hag appears to the unwilling agent of this sacrifice in Ms Horsdal's form, parting a full-length cloak at its base to expose her naked body (front and rear shots). However, we only see her face when the camera moves up to show the cowl being pushed back, so there remains the possibility that whilst we can just make out Ms Horsdal is topless, a double may have been used for the character's below-waist nudity. It's not a particularly erotic scene, though (hence only two stars).

Clare Grant
taurus was written on September 19, 2008


Great breast shots at :21 during cowgirl sex before the monster drags her off. Fully nude on the stairs at :26 in a lengthy scene, and a great ass shot as she walks up. Better lighting and a little bush would have made this four stars, although tweaking your brightness could reveal some cunt lips on the rear shot.

Leah Graham
sky_blue_waters was written on August 15, 2007

medium to small breasts, tiny nipples

20:03-23:43 off/on peeks at her lovely breasts while she makes
love to the leading man. In the morning he has troubles, and she is
rushing to get dressed before his child comes in the room. Some
bouncing boob shots.

sky_blue_waters was written on August 15, 2007


Sorry, I should have mentioned her episode is entitled Chocolate

Melissa Gonzalez
taurus was written on October 31, 2008

Episode: Pelts

Topless at :29 showing nice nipples while Ellen goes down on her.

Carrie Fleming
Ghostwords was written on January 28, 2006

Actually, it's Carrie Anne Fleming

Ms Fleming does indeed display both breasts and butt in the episode "Jenifer" (note spelling), but the erotic element is somewhat undermined by the hideous facial make-up (although the cop who takes her home does visualise her real face in a brief dream sequence). Incidentally, the actress playing the cop's wife removes her nightie in bed and may even be totally naked from the side (it's very difficult to tell, due to angle and duration of shot); by the time they're having (rough) sex, however, she's definitely wearing panties.

supertheman was written on May 27, 2006

Jenifer episode

Carrie Fleming IS quite nude in this episode of Masters of Horror (Jenifer). She her back from her butt to her head, and her front from her waist to her head. Later there are two scene with MANY views of her awesome breasts. One scene is in a car, and one is in a bed. I don't know who the heck saw this and didn't see any breasts, but I am here to tell you that she very surely does expose her great breasts and more than once. This whole series is awesome, not just for the nudity, but for the fact that many of the very fine actresses that appear nude are doing so for the very first time.

dav345 was written on January 9, 2006

full rear nudity

In the episode Jenifer (episode 4 in season 1 of the series), you get a good look at Carrie's butt in the shower (in good light). She has a nice, round butt. She also turns around and you see her breasts (no crotch shot). I give this 4 stars because it's hard to find a good butt scene these days.

BushLeague was written on January 10, 2006

WRIN: Whip Ratings Inflation Now!

You just see her butt. 1 friggin' star!

JimmyBo13 was written on January 10, 2006

What show were you two watching?

Took long enough for this show to be added, considering almost every episode has T&A.
In the episode "Jennifer" (great episode by the way, ending was great) we first get a great shot of her fully nude in a shower scene, no bush, but great ass. Later we get another scene where she is caught by the family, her breats visible the entire time, not well lit, but very nice.
Later we get another scene where she has sex with the main male character in the front seat of a car, great shot of her tits.
And finally we get another shot from the side and above as she again has sex with the main character in bed, she is on top.
Unlike what the guy above said, there is PLENTY of breat shots it at least the 4 scenes above, and these are just the ones i can remember.

Xeyes was written on August 6, 2008

Episode: Jenifer

Ass and Tits,Disfigured Face.

Xeyes was written on August 6, 2008

episode: Jenifer

Ass and Tits,Disfigured Face.

Ellen Ewusie
taurus was written on October 31, 2008

Multiple scenes

Shows tits and butt in multiple scenes as a topless dancer and sex with Melissa and Meatloaf.

taurus was written on October 31, 2008

Episode; Pelts

Forgot the episode: Pelts

Marisa Coughlan
rbelkin was written on December 25, 2006

Damned Things Episode - Season 2, Ep1

Towards the very end in a darkened field, as she is running, her nipple and right breast makes an accidental appearance. In a few frames, lights flash and you get a better look - all and all - maybe 1 second worth but since it wasn't intended, in some ways - nicer. The DVD should be a little sharper.

Julia Benson
TJWayne was written on August 20, 2009

MOH Right to Die Hot tub

A very beautiful girl in every possible way and natural to boot, can't get better than that.

Aureliano was written on December 12, 2011

Hot Tub Scene

One of the most beautiful pair of breasts in Hollywood history. In my mind only Jennifer Connelly, Gretchen Mol and Romane Bohringer survive comparison. The scene starts with a close up of her attractive face and then we're shown a longer show of her in a hot tub, her breasts exposed. Her breasts are incredible. They're huge (D or DD) and very firmly shaped. Her body reminds me a lot of the late Cynthia Myers, the greatest playmate in Playboy history. Julia then gets on the actor playing her husband and rides him. There are numerous close ups of her perfect breasts. He comes quickly. She then turns into a monster. Oh, well. This woman really has one of the most unbelievably beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and see it!

taurus was written on January 4, 2007

Episode: Right to Die

Superb rack on display in the hot tub with hubby at 17. Natural sag meaning no augmentation.

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