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1998 BASEketball 4 Reviews

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BASEketball (1998)
DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

south park creators naked

there's a two-shot of trey parker and matt stone naked in the locker room as they are being berated by yasmine bleeth about owning sweatshops. there are two shots of them from behind, each of which lasts for a couple seconds. not the greatest looking guys in the world, but definitely a worthy butt shot.

Bozo was written on November 16, 1998

In the locker room

He and Trey Parker are in the locker room bare-assed while this guy is talking to them. And the whole 'huge penis' joke is going on but you get a long look at their asses.

Senator was written on September 19, 2001

great fake penis gag!

you can't get funnier than that! It gives all men a reason to be jealous, and something to dream of too!

moviestuff was written on August 11, 2003

nice tits


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